Some characters are not just for your personal preference they are the ones that influence some negative mindsets of the society and change the way a lot of things are generally perceived in the society. J.K. Rowling when wrote Harry Potter, she didn’t just give us with a beautiful and magical story to escape to but a really strong female lead who changed a lot on how women were seen in the world of literature.

Hermione is a Muggle-born wizard in the Harry Potter universe. She is popularly known as the brightest witch of her age. She is smart, intelligent and comes across as a person who keeps her opinions openly in front of the world to see them the best thing about her is that she is not scared. She is brave and she is the best friend anyone can ever have.

Harry and Ron both know that if it weren’t for her, they both would died in their first year at Hogwarts itself. She is not just books and cleverness. She is about keeping calm in situations no one else could have. The way she stands with the boys through out the series is something that all women out there adore.

Hermione showed girls that it was okay to be the smartest person in the room and we should never dumb down because of men. Hermione punching Draco in the face will forever be one of the most amazing moments from the series. The courage which she shows during the last part of the series when she erases her parents memories of her to keep them safe is very underrated.

Hermione Granger is a girl everyone should look up to.