First of all, it is not just the mysteriously written in colour grey which remain immemorable, many times it is the simpler ones which leave a deep impact and director Priyadarshan has given us many such characters to remember and laugh about. And one such character is Bandya, played by Rajpal Yadav from Chup Chup ke.

First of all let us all appreciate what a brilliant actor Rajpal Yadav is. I can still hear “To isko jilah kyu nai ghoshit kar dete” and “Mujhey sab aata hai” in his voice. This was not the first time he actor made us laugh with his perfect timing and expressions.

Bandya is a side-kick to Gundya Bhau (Paresh Rawal), a Bengali fisherman who is in debt of a Gujrati businessman, Chauhan, played by late actor Om Puri. Gundya is a cunning man while Bandya is a little slow at catching up with him. Bandya has a heart of gold, when they find Jeetu, played by Shahid Kapoor in their fishing net, it is Bandya who convinces Gundya to take care of him. He tries to understand Jabba aka Jeetu and get to know where he came from and where his family is.

When Bandya is left as a mortage in Chauhan’s house, he tends o be over-smart and this is why he always gets into trouble. Bandya tries to put his work on Jabba but he has to polish all the shoes and wash all the clothes.

The work load in the house is too much which makes Bandya say those ionic lines ” TO JILAH KYU NAI GHOSHIT KAR DETE”. Poor Bandya suffers cause he doesn’t understand Gujrati and ends up getting beaten up as he asks for Ghagra Choli, we all remember this scene don’t we?

Bandya is the innocent fool who is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. He gets beaten and bullied a lot but still is lovable. The entire plot of the film is made more interesting due to him and he ends up playing a major role.

I guess today is the day we all revisit the film and if by any chance you haven’t watched it then please do. Just switch on to star gold and it will be telecasted any time soon.