If Indian cinema has seen a good coming of age film, that film is wake up Sid. The movie focuses on a spoilt entitles rich brat Sid Mehra and his struggles with his life and at the end him realising the worth of hard work and dedication.

Sarita Mehra, played by Supriya Pathak is a middle-aged woman who has her world around her son and husband. Sarita saw a drastic change in her social status throughout her life. She started off as a simple housewife to a struggling businessman. She was not much educated but tried to fit in with the so-called high-class as her husband gained success. She is humble and down to earth and not for a second show any vanity related to her rich status.

A dedicated mother and wife she always tried to be a bridge between her husband and son. She could see Sid getting out of her hands but tried to understand him as much as possible. When Sid fails the college exams she tries to reason with her husband and also tries to get to know the real reason behind that failure.

There is a cute aspect to her personality that she tries to fit in, in her own way. Her attempts at speaking errorful English which at times irritated Sid are nothing but her attempts at getting close to her son who is lost in his own life. When Sid leaves the house, her tension and sadness are visible.

The scene where she drops off a box of mangoes at Ayesha’s place and tells her not to tell Sid about it shows the pure essence of motherhood. She even tries to offer Ayesha some money so as to make sure Sid’s expenses are taken care of is an emotional scene to watch.

When Sid visits her and they both look at the old family albums it is clearly understood that she observes her husband and child very closely and knows things that even they don’t know about themselves.

She points it out to Sid that his passion for photography is something that he inherited from his father and also a fact that his father had to give up on his hobbies just to make sure that the family was well provided for. She sees the sacrifice that her husband made for her and Sid in a way that no one else had ever been able to see.

The way she deals with Sid’s entitlement and misbehaviour is quite mature. She might have been a little less educated and spoke broken English but in the end, turns out to be the most understanding and practical character in the film.

She is a true picture of a mother. If you haven’t watched the film then do watch it and if you have already watched it, do it once again but this time just for Supriya Pathak and her perfect portrayal of the amazing mother and woman Sarita Mehta.