The 2000 film by Priyadarshan is something that will always stay close to our hearts. The hilarious film is an all-time favourite of many and had a great star cast and characterization.

Raju, played by Akhsay kumar is an unemployed young man living as a tenant in Babu Rao’s house long with the hard-working and decent Shyam played by Suniel Shetty.

Raju is a big time liar, whose mother lives in another city and is under a delusion that he is well to do and is making a lot of money in Mumbai. Raju is a trickster, he doesn’t mind the foul play in order to get his hands at some money. His constant fights with Shyam cause a lot of havoc.

When Kabira mistakenly calls star garage asking for Ransom of Devi Prasad’s grand daughter. It is Raju who plans to take the advantage of this opportunity and earn a lot of money. But in the end it is shown that he has a clear conscious and would not hurt anyone to get his way.

Raju, in the second installment of the film, once again suffers due to his greed. He believes that he can double his money and get richer but is conned by Anuradha. During the process, he gets mixed with Totla Tiwari and has to arrange for 40 lakhs in a shirt duration of time. The trio gets mixed up with drugs and the end once again is hilarious.

Raju can be best described by the words, greedy and over-smart but a person who gets caught up in unimaginable havoc.

Akshay Kumar did an amazing job with the role and I guess it is a time to rewatch Hera Pheri.