While talking about some iconic characters that we do not acknowledge much but always exist at the back of our mind and we can recollect about them with a prompt, Lucky from the Golmaal series directed by Rohit Shetty is someone which will always stay at the back of my head.

Lucky played by Tushar Kapoor is Kapoor’s most memorable performance in his entire career. First of all the acting was class apart. The role seems to be written specifically for Kapoor and he did an amazing job at it.

Lucky cannot speak, he is mute. But he is amazing at how he expresses himself in signs. His over the top usage of signs and cute sounds that he made while talking is what makes us remember him the most. He is funny and intelligent and in no way his disability to speak makes him less desirable. He tends to add on hilarious references to his signals which result in stomach-aching laughter.

He tends to win the entire game at the end of the plot. In the first part, he ended up winning the girl’s heart while the other three were left dumbstruck. In the second part, he took away the Job offer and ended up getting engaged to the Boss’ daughter. Though the third and fourth parts of the movie have been criticized for the lack of a good script but Kapoor did a fantastic job at playing Lucky.

Be it Nana Nani Nano or Ae Oing Ae Oing, Lucky will forever stay with us as something that made us laugh in the best way possible.