Characters that give us something we never tend to forget, characters that leave an imprint forever. One such character is Jack Dawson from the 1997 Oscar winning film Titanic. Mr Dawson here is not that unknown, in fact, he is one of the most memorable heroes we know. We hardly know anything about him. It was just a short duration of time on a ship with a young woman trying to understand her own destiny and Mr Dawson gives her his all.

We know that he drew those “French girls” and we know that he has no home. We know that he is reckless and we also know that he gambles a lot. He thought himself to be the luckiest fellow in this world when he won those tickets, but alas Titanic sank and Jack died but you know what? Even when he knew that his life was in danger and even when he knew he might never see the sun again, Jack still thought himself to be the luckiest fellow in this world just because he met Rose.

But don’t we all wonder? What would be like if he survived? What would it be like if both of them stayed together? What was Jack like on land? Was he responsible enough? Would he be able to handle everything? But then we see this guy die in freezing waters of Atlantic ocean just to make sure that the girl he met just the other day survived and not just survived but lived. Lived a life full of all the human emotions and she actually went on to live the best life possible just because she promised a dying man whom she met the other day that she will live.

She told no one of him. She kept it to herself. Jack’s name was never on the list of course, why would it be? He never bought the tickets he just won them in a game of cards. So did Jack exist? Or was he just a fragment of the imagination of a delusional Rose who just wanted someone to make sure that she did not jump off the edge and went on to live. Jack is so interesting that I totally forgot to appreciate Leonardo de Caprio for pulling it off with perfection.

Jack still lives.

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