Some characters stay with us for a lifetime and Harry Potter is one of them for me. Joanne Rowling created something that helped a lot of people who have gone through tough times. Harry played on screen by Daniel Radcliffe is the main protagonist in the Harry Potter book and TV series.

Harry, is introduced to us in the first book titled as The Philosopher’s stone as an eleven-year-old orphan kid who discovers that he is a wizard. It is not just the fact that he is a wizard. It is the pure intention of his heart that makes us love the child he is. He chooses Ron over rich Draco which shows that even at such a young age he knows the difference between wrong and right. He is brave and courageous and is ready to give his life to save the philosopher’s stone from getting into the wrong hands.

Through out the series we see him humbly living his life and staying loyal to his friends while fighting against the evil. No where he is afraid of giving up his own life for saving someone else. At the end of the second book he realizes that he is the perfect Gryffindor when he pulls the sword out of the sorting hat.

We see him accepting his fate when he gets to know that he is the chosen one to bring Voldemort (Yes, I said the name) to an end. We see him mourning over Cedric Diggory’s death for a very long time. He is a great teacher, by the age of 15, he was teaching a bunch of students from the school in defence against the dark arts when they had to deal with Evil and incompetent Dolores Umbridge.

His struggle with his own feelings in he sixth part tells us that in the end he was an innocent teenager who had same issues as others around him. Finding a companion in Ginny was ideal for him because, the book Ginny is badass (no matter what I will always be angry about the lousy portrayal of Ginny in the movies).

he knows his limitations, the way he accepts that they would have been long dead without Hermione is a good example of that.

The end of the series is painful. We see Harry lose his loved ones and friends. We see him bravely fighting for his school and watch him die and come back. I won’t be talking about the cursed child cause we don’t do that here.

But Harry is the hero we all have within us.

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