It is not very uncommon to get unrealistic expectations after reading some books, especially classic literature. Characters like Fitzwilliam Darcy are the ones that challenge the readers till the end. Jane Austen has written this book in the form of a satire that is relevant in today’s society as well.

Mr. Darcy is the center of attraction of the most women around him because, first he is very wealthy and second he is quite handsome as per the description in the book. Darcy can tend to be a little slow at communication and bad at expressing himself because of the fact that he understands that women around him like him for his money and not for his true self.

Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth (Lizzy) but is unable to communicate his feelings because of his prejudice. Rather than winning her over he insults Lizzy and his family by calling her plain looking and referring to her family as annoying. This agitates Lizzy very much and she starts hating him considering him to be a vane and high-headed man who is full of himself.

While in reality Lizzy is the only woman who looks at him beyond his wealth. He wrongly advises his best friend Charles Bingley which leads to Jane’s heartbreak but on realizing his mistake he at once sorts out the misunderstanding between the lovers.

The purity of Darcy’s heart is clearly seen when he writes that letter to Elizabeth with all his feelings confessed. Till the end of the book the reader realizes that Darcy is very misunderstood and his only fault is that he is bad at expressing himself. The character who is hated the most at the beginning turns out to be the most loved.

If you haven’t read the book yet it is high point that you read it and if you have, revisiting it won’t hurt you, will it?