There are certain literary characters that we know to be a little gray and complicated and people tend to hold different opinions about them, some hate them some love them some sympathize with them and some pity them. This is something that happens with most of us who tend to read and watch certain works that give us a lot when it comes to character development.

One such character is Draco Malfoy. The Harry Potter series was a life changing one for many, for the readers who found a comfortable universe which taught them to fight their fears and stand for what is right and for the people who were cast in the cinematic adaptation too.

Draco Malfoy was introduced to us in the first book- Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone itself and plays an important role till the end of the series, let us keep in mind that this piece is based on the books and not just what we saw in the movies. Draco is also seen in the not so popular sequel named The cursed child, though fans (including me) hardly like to mention its name. Draco came in front of us a spoiled 11-year-old bully who had a lot of pride and apparantly for no reason. He tries to befriend Harry but the fact that he acts all vain about Hagrid during the first time Harry meets him in the diagon alley in the book-1 is something that makes Harry dislike him at the first sight.

But the instance when he insults Ron and makes fun of his financial condition is the point when Harry decides that he does not want to be his friend at all. Later on Draco makes several attempts at getting Harry into trouble which fail most of the times, this shows that he is hungry for some attention and that also Harry’s attention specifically. He is the perfect example of sour grapes. He is timid and shows himself to better than everyone cause of the fact that he is financially well to do and has an influential father.

The second book tells us how Draco is proud of the fact that he is a pure blood wizard and doesn’t mind the Muggle-born wizards being killed by some freak monster. He is racist and this is not a all his fault but the fact that he was raised like this, his father being a death-eater and an evil man who discriminates on racist grounds. Draco’s moral compass is very wrong and he doesn’t mind bribing his way into the Quidditch team, he looks down upon Hermione and readers began to hate him for his behavior. In the third book also he can be seen doing anything in order to sabotage Harry’s work and game. He is shown to be a liar and a merciless person who sent innocent Hippogriff Buckbeak to gallows just to prove a point. Here also his moral compass is in question but once again the fact that he was raised in such an enviornment sort of justifies it.

His behavior is somewhat similar in the next 2 parts as well, it is the 6th part, Half-blood Prince that makes us see the Real Draco. Now for a fact, Tom Felton who played the character in the movies had a great popularity and this also a reason why some people tend to justify Draco’s actions while it is just because they do not want Tom to be in bad light.

In the 6th book, Draco is given a huge responsibility of killing Albus Dumbledore or else Lord Voldemort will kill his entire family, there we see a 16-year-old innocent boy who is a victim of consequencies cry and stress about his and his family’s safety. He tries hard to kill headmaster Dumbledore but fails because he is not capable enough to actually kill himself. At the end he was just a human.

In the last part, Deathly Hallows, he lies about recognizing Harry in order to save Harry, Ron and Hermione’s life which shows his change of heart and at the end of the story he is just a character people start pitying. I do not really know if I sympathize with him or pity him or just hate him. But Draco was a beautifully written character by J.K. Rowling and played flawlessly by Tom Felton.