The 2004 film by Maniratnam is something that I will always cherish and carry in the satchel of my all time favourite films. Director Maniratnam is known for his well written and insightful characters and Yuva was one such film that did not lack anything.

Arjun Balachandran played by Vivek Oberoi is one of the most iconic roles played by the actor in his career (of course, after Modi ji). Arjun is a spoiled son of an IAS officer who has just finished with his graduation. While his father wants him to focus on preparations of civil services exam and serve the nation, Arjun wants to fly away to USA as he he thinks that there is nothing left in this country he would have a better life in America. Arjun is a loving son and elder brother.

But at the same time Arjun knows that he needs to follow his dreams and he owes nothing to anyone when it comes to his own career path. This is highlighted in a negative way but I would rather appreciate Arjun for having guts and not falling under the pressure of becoming an IAS officer like his father.

He is never serious about girls in his life but this changes when he meets Meera. Meera is supposed to get married to someone else but despite this fact Arjun falls for her. Arjun’s life changes when he witnesses Lallan, a local goon played by Abhishek Bachchan mercilessly shoot Michael Mukherjee played by Ajay Devgn. Arjun rushes Michael to the hospital and saves his life. When he gets to know that Michael is a student activist and wants to change the political scenario for good, something changes inside him. Michael’s love for the country and society brings a transition into Arjun. He stands by the student activists and readily agrees to stand in MLA elections of the state.

Arjun drastically changes, he takes responsibility, becomes a youth leader and is kidnapped and attacked by Lallan in midst of all this. the end result is that Arjun and Michael win the elections and become Vidhan Sabha and start serving their constituencies.

The transition in Arjun’s character is very well written and doesn’t look over the top and Arjun, in the end, emerges as a strong leader who fights his way through the corrupt world of politics for the betterment of the nation.