Get all patriotic, sink in the vibes of nationalism, or start a re-run of all the good old patriotic movies, because India is all set to create history. Today the ISRO is going to launch Chandrayaan 2 in space which is the most ambitious project of the organisation so far. However, it was to be launched earlier on 15 July but a technical snag stalled the mission. However, ISRO has assured that all glitches are off the table now.

Chiming in the pride moment, former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair has stated, “Chandrayaan 2 is going to be the most complex mission that ISRO has undertaken so far. Scientifically, it is a follow on mission to confirm data from Chandrayaan 1. It is going to be a big motivator for the young scientific groups.” President Ram Nath Kovind will too be present at this historic launch.

Here’s all you need to know about this mission:

Chandrayaan 2

1. The Rs 978 crore mission is scheduled to be launched today at 2:43 PM from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The live streaming of the mission will soon begin by ISRO at several platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Weighing 640-tonne, GSLV MK-III is the most powerful launcher of ISRO that will carry and put Chandryaan-2 in its orbit. Due to its massive size, the launcher is famously labelled “Bahubali“, named after the hit south Indian movie. This 3-stage vehicle can launch satellites of 4-tonne class into GTO (Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit).

3. After 973.7 seconds of flight, Chandryaan-2 will head to the moon’s south pole, separating from the rocket. The Rs 603-crore project Chandrayaan-2 is carrying rover-Pragyaan and lander-Vikram.

4. Owing to the large distance between the moon and the earth (3.844 lakh km), the journey will take 54 days in total, that is, almost 2 months. The separation of the lander-orbiter will happen on the 50th day of the journey. It is planned to land Vikram between 2 craters on the moon.

5. The Lander Vikram (named after the Father of the Indian Space Programme, Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai) after its soft landing on the earth’s natural satellite will roll out the rover- Pragyaan. This is the main body that will carry out all the experiments on the moon’s surface.

6. ISRO has stated that through this moon mission, the space agency is aiming to get a better understanding of the moon which could result in new discoveries that can benefit humanity as a whole.

A very proud moment for India, indeed!