RIP VG Siddhartha – CCD Founder’s Body Traced after 30 Hours of Search

RIP VG Siddhartha – CCD Founder’s Body Traced after 30 Hours of Search

India’s largest coffee chain, CCD (Cafe Coffee Day), founder VG Siddhartha body has been finally traced at Nethravathi river. The search operation took a complete 30 hours of relentless searh. Siddhartha, who went missing on Monday evening, left everybody surprised and baffled.

The coffee baron was last seen on Monday evening when he directed his SUV driver to head to Nethravathi bridge after he arrived in Bengaluru. The river is located about 350 km from Bengaluru on the outskirts of Mangaluru. As per Sandeep Patil, the Mangaluru police Commissioner, “We found a body early morning today around 6 am, which appears to be that of VG Siddhartha. It needs to be identified, we have already informed the family members. We are shifting the body to Wenlock Hospital. We will continue further investigation.”

At this point, it is speculated that the 60-year-old businessman committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. Apparently, Siddhartha was under a lot of pressure. In his last letter to CCD employees, he wrote:

Today, I gave up as I could not take any more pressure from one of the private equity partners forcing me to buy back shares, a transaction I had partially completed six months ago by borrowing a large sum of money from a friend. Tremendous pressure from other lenders lead to me succumbing to the situation.

His body was moved to the Wenlock Hospital for performing a post-mortem. For now, his remains have been shifted to his home town Chikkamagaluru where the last rites will be performed.

Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has paid his condolences through Twitter.

Vijay Mallya, on the other hand, condemned the bank system.

All the corporate branches of CCD will remain closed. However, CCD outlets will stay open for consumers.

Meet the Gay Couple Amit and Aditya Who Set Internet Afire on Their Wedding Day

Meet the Gay Couple Amit and Aditya Who Set Internet Afire on Their Wedding Day

Ever been to a wedding where the guy stole the spotlight from the designer-lehenga-clad bride blushing through her 3 layers of makeup? Yeah, me neither. But there are two guys who can give any fashionista a run for their money any day. And of course, when it was their wedding day, they not only managed to be the ‘stars’ for their wedding guests, but also pulled off being the talk of the whole wide world and the whole world wide web. Meet NRIs Amit and Aditya, who when not giving us love goals through their lovey-dovey quotes on Instagram, set some real fashion goals for parties which make Netizens go crazy in no time.

In case you haven’t caught up on this latest Internet sensation, here’s your quick flash through their big fat non-residential Indian wedding. Amit Shah and Aditya Madirajua are a US-based couple who came to limelight when they tied the knot in New Jersey’s temple – BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. They also got officially married in a civil ceremony earlier this year in January as well. But they wanted the colourful version too in the desi style. And since gay marriage is still not legal in India (what in the world!), the couple had to have it there. They had an awesome time there nonetheless.

Let’s Take a Peep into the World of Ensembles, Designers, and Shoes

It was not the case of a typical straight guy showing up for his wedding with an ensemble his mommy selected for his big day. It was the case of a gay couple who didn’t bail on the presentation factor at all and walked around inspiring us with their utter panache and aesthetics. Going with Anita Dogre as their designer, Amit stole the spotlight with his Abhivira Kurta while Aditya turned up the heat with his ethnic attire from Amartya. And that’s not all, they also donned multi-layered ruby necklaces over their white kurtas. I bet wedding designers took some cliff notes!

A cocktail celebration which looked so much like a Sangeet celebration followed later. And the couple strolled down again, dressed to kill. This time they went with darker shades for their wardrobes though. Both again chose the ethnic wear kurta, paired with a printed jacket in black and blue. Oh, and they nailed their shoe game as well. They opted for footwear from the reputed Christian Louboutin and danced around in all shimmer and glitter.

BTW it was not all about classy and dapper looks. It was actually about deep-deep love the couple is obviously in. The lovebirds took to Insta and pour their hearts out. Their post reads: “We didn’t realize the impact a simple wedding at a temple would have on people around the world looking for hope. There is no secret to acceptance, tolerance, or happiness. You just have to find the right partner to take the step with. Let the truth of your love speak for itself. Love, Amit & Adi.”

It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also an inspiring quote for all those who are struggling with love issues. This couple has really set an example, both for wedding planners and lovers. Kudos to them!

Positive Outlook Lets You Battle It Out

Positive Outlook Lets You Battle It Out

Jump Off The Commonness

Life goes from here to there. One carves out the path to success. There is a big bundle of tasks to do. It is not always easy to do them with a smiling face. Anxiety, worry, and irritation are common. The means to jump off the commonness is a positive outlook/perspective. It is not always very easy to wear a positive attitude when things don’t seem to be going your way. However, one can always try.

Shoo The Worries Away With A Positive…

Laughter in a bad situation doesn’t make any sense, does it? People might call one an idol of foolishness. Well, it is so much so that even smiling in unfavorable conditions is understood to be a sign of a sort of lack of interest and madness. Is it really so?  Can’t we even laugh to shoo the worries away and give our best even in unfavorable situations?

With A Smile On, It Is Easy

Battle Any Sort Of Situation

Not everything goes our way. We got to hold on to our senses and do it. Nervousness takes away our control and one cannot perform to the best of potential while being worried. It is important to wear a positive attitude on the collar all the time. And yes, smile and laughter do help. No witty-banter is possible without humor in it. Bring all that you can, create a favorable atmosphere that helps you rise and battle any sort of situation.

Best Is Yet To Come

Things around you might be a source of some demoralizing light. Turn them off. Yes, believe it, turn them off. You don’t need to carry anything that holds you back and this is why you just got to drop them off in your way. Keep smiling and keep your hopes high. There is a lot to come. As ideal ones say, the best is yet to come. Bend your head down, work hard but never lose hope and fragrance of your face. It is all very important in a path to success.

Try With A Positive Outlook Once And See

How do you motivate yourself? Is it you or someone else who does it? Take the load of past off your chest and run as fast as you can. There is a lot to come. Keep yourself inspired throughout and make the most of your days. Put on a happy face and make others happy. Go and do it. Bring it all close to yourself. Life needs a change and that happens with one start. You need a start. So kick it off with trying once and see.

Chandrayaan 2 To Be Launched Today – Here’s All You Need to Know

Chandrayaan 2 To Be Launched Today – Here’s All You Need to Know

Get all patriotic, sink in the vibes of nationalism, or start a re-run of all the good old patriotic movies, because India is all set to create history. Today the ISRO is going to launch Chandrayaan 2 in space which is the most ambitious project of the organisation so far. However, it was to be launched earlier on 15 July but a technical snag stalled the mission. However, ISRO has assured that all glitches are off the table now.

Chiming in the pride moment, former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair has stated, “Chandrayaan 2 is going to be the most complex mission that ISRO has undertaken so far. Scientifically, it is a follow on mission to confirm data from Chandrayaan 1. It is going to be a big motivator for the young scientific groups.” President Ram Nath Kovind will too be present at this historic launch.

Here’s all you need to know about this mission:

Chandrayaan 2

1. The Rs 978 crore mission is scheduled to be launched today at 2:43 PM from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The live streaming of the mission will soon begin by ISRO at several platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Weighing 640-tonne, GSLV MK-III is the most powerful launcher of ISRO that will carry and put Chandryaan-2 in its orbit. Due to its massive size, the launcher is famously labelled “Bahubali“, named after the hit south Indian movie. This 3-stage vehicle can launch satellites of 4-tonne class into GTO (Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit).

3. After 973.7 seconds of flight, Chandryaan-2 will head to the moon’s south pole, separating from the rocket. The Rs 603-crore project Chandrayaan-2 is carrying rover-Pragyaan and lander-Vikram.

4. Owing to the large distance between the moon and the earth (3.844 lakh km), the journey will take 54 days in total, that is, almost 2 months. The separation of the lander-orbiter will happen on the 50th day of the journey. It is planned to land Vikram between 2 craters on the moon.

5. The Lander Vikram (named after the Father of the Indian Space Programme, Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai) after its soft landing on the earth’s natural satellite will roll out the rover- Pragyaan. This is the main body that will carry out all the experiments on the moon’s surface.

6. ISRO has stated that through this moon mission, the space agency is aiming to get a better understanding of the moon which could result in new discoveries that can benefit humanity as a whole.

A very proud moment for India, indeed!

Unsung Movies: Don’t Miss Out On Them

Unsung Movies: Don’t Miss Out On Them

Movie No. 11 Is Always Missed

Google search “Top 10 most entertaining movies.” Is this how you find a movie to watch on the weekend? Well, there is a good possibility yes, you do. In the pursuit of the best movie, the top ones, it becomes rare for one to bump into the 11th one; the movie that is not the top one but probably one of a kind; entertaining, interesting, engrossing, and unsung.

Unsung Gems

There are end numbers of brilliant unsung movies. The tricks we use to find them give out the top, popular, and blockbuster ones. However, there are many hidden behind the curtains which are really awe-inspiring. The movies that might not have got all the fame but managed to spellbind everyone who watched them. How to dig them out, find movies that we don’t know about but happen to gems?

Unsung Movies
How About Kicking Off With A List

Know the actors you like the most? Go through their work. One of the most effective ways to find movies that were most likely to be missed. You can easily get a long list of actors who are versatile and have made some wonderful movies. Make some research on their movies and you’ll have a good broad bundle of awesome ones that no one knows about.

Find A Movie-Nut

Get into long talks with movie-nuts. It is always nice to take a deep dive into the world of cinema with a movie nut. Talk about it. Ask about the sort of movies that you like to watch. Let them talk and you are sure to get up with a lot more information on cinema, actors, and movies. Everyone can’t answer all of your questions regarding cinema. It is important that you find the right person. Find one you know has a strong database.


Roll And Find The Unsung Ones

Become a student of filmography, dig it out. If you also want to be one of the members of the elite movie-nut club, you can’t miss out on these wonderful movies that are unsung, mostly breathtaking. Films are a good way to learn and a recreational facility at hand. There is a lot to discover as a lot is there in layers. Roll decades back or whatever period you like, you are sure to find many interesting ones. You’ll be left with a mouth wide open.

Energy Conservation To Make The Planet Get Eco-Sufficient

Energy Conservation To Make The Planet Get Eco-Sufficient

Energy Conservation Is A Big Step

Energy conservation is a pressing need in the present-time world. It is not only about the reduction in the use and wastage of energy but also finding alternative sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy strengthen the whole agenda. With renewable sources of energy, ease and balance can be observed everywhere. Maintaining energy is a huge task; energy conservation is a big step for the same.

Doing Away With Energy Crisis

As omnipresent as energy, there is a crisis of energy. The possible explanation of this problem is the energy is available but not in the right form. Waves have got energy, we know how to convert them, but it is not feasible for a major part of the world. Probably, we just don’t want to make it feasible. The sources that we have got easily, we exploited them thoughtlessly to a problematic-level. This is where one can spot the problem. The ones we got are fading away, the ones we want now seem difficult.

Energy Conservation

A major step to resolve this issue comes from the idea of using the resources rationally. But, when paying more, one can use more of it, why would one stop. Energy can transform from one to another. This makes it possible for us to use energy efficiently. Resources of energy are depleting at a faster rate than ever before.

Green Changes Strengthen The Efforts

Some of the renewable energies are biofuel, solar, geothermal, hydroelectricity, wave, tidal, and wind. There are many energy conservation techniques that can be followed to find a positive change soon. Microgeneration, energy storage, and green building are some of the ways to stop resources from getting depleted and save them for future generations. Of late, a lot of green changes can be seen that make up our approach towards conservation of energy. Rise in the sale of electric vehicles, solar-run public facilities, and windmills to generate electricity are just a few of the many instances of it. Occupancy sensors are a recent development in the process of conservation of energy.

Electric Vehicle
Green Changes

Make The Planet Eco-Sufficient

Nations are collaborating in an effort to save and create as much as possible. Still, a huge task stands undone. We are running short of resources. Development asks for resources and we can’t allow resources to get depleted. Awareness amongst citizens comes first in this process. Technological upgrades may help make the consumption of energy more efficient. This is what we need in the mission to make the planet eco-sufficient. Save, create, and avoid wastage and losses. We are going towards it. Conservation will help the planet become eco-sufficient. A long way to cover.