Places to Visit on Independence Day That Will Surefire Bring Out the Patriotic in You

Places to Visit on Independence Day That Will Surefire Bring Out the Patriotic in You

Independence Day is one such occasion which can be celebrated in a number of ways. You can either give a spin to good old patriotic movies, frantically search for PM’s speech on TV, or just stay holed up in your room all day listening to some upbeat nationalistic songs. But you know what? You can also ditch your couch and go to some amazing places that can instill patriotic feelings in you. So decide on your itinerary, pack up your totes, and give this adventurous journey filled with country-love a try.

  1. India Gate

    If the capital promises you on one view that is both historic and stunning, it is India Gate, especially at night. This beautiful site was built in honour of martyred Indian soldiers who fought in the Anglo-Afghan War and First World War. The ever-lit Amar Jawan Jyoti here pays tribute to all the soldiers who gave their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. The atmosphere here will instantly fill you with so much respect and admiration for all those who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

  2. Red Fort

    Another gem from the capital, Red Fort is the place to be at if you really want to see Independence day come alive. Today, the Prime Minister of India gives a speech here while several Indian flags are proudly hoisted. Moreover, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Your inner history buff can find so much to explore here.

  3. Kargil War Memorial

    This iconic establishment was especially built in the honour of Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the Kargil war with Pakistan. In the middle of the memorial, there is a sandstone wall where the names of martyrs can be found inscribed on it. You can also view Tololong Hill and Tiger Hill from the memorial which India recaptured after winning the historic battle.

  4. Dandi

    No independence day is complete without remembering the father of the nation, that is, Mahatma Gandhi. And no place is more fitting for the tribute than Dandi. The place holds significant importance in India’s struggle for independence when thousands of people went on Dandi march, following Gandhi.

We hope you truly make something great out of this national holiday. Try these places and have an awesome time.

How To Find  A Cheap Flight To Any Destination

How To Find A Cheap Flight To Any Destination

Flight With The Best

We’ve tried hopping through websites in the quest of best flight to the destination. The comparisons sometimes seem to end in smokes; nothing comes out of it or maybe all of it just gets so complicated. A little north or south brings one on the verge of canceling the trip. To keep it from happening, comparisons ain’t enough, one’s got to be smart. Make the best use of your time, consider everything and find the best flight.

Be Invisible When You Search Your Flight

Making a list of all the flights that fly to your destination, start making comparisons on the basis of things that you’d consider while booking a fight. The best way to go about it is to go through the travel and flight websites available and mine as much as possible. You’ll reach the stage of shortlisting the flights. You might not want to lose on anything here. It is important that you use your incognito tab to make the research. Flight prices increase and decrease on the number of times you search for it, using cookies in your web browser. Incognito makes you invisible and no information can be used against you in the form of fares.


Weigh Dates And Prices

The major impact on flight fares comes from the availability of the seats. Well, it’s like a situation. You can help your pocket finding the right situation. In this respect, you are to choose the cheapest date to fly. The fares may rise or go down. On some dates, it’s at a price you never expected and all is attributed to the movement in the availability of seats. Keep an eye on the dates and prices.

What About Travel Reward Credit Cards

Travel reward credit cards come out to be a good way to save the bank from getting broken. There is also some space for comparisons. You might want to weigh different offers from a huge number of companies. The travel cards may even bring your fares down to being free. If you happen to be one of the frequent flyers you better consider this option as soon as possible. There are plenty of companies to choose from and that is where you can score.


Weigh airlines and websites and it may give out beneficial results. Offers from the airlines and websites must be spotted on time as they can save you as much as the half the next flight fare. Pick the destination airport carefully this is for the reason that due to the reach and location flight fares change. Round trip is something you should go for as booking it separately might just raise the cost. Booking a round trip flight is always preferable and substantially reduces the fares.

Enjoy The Destination

Find how much you can compromise. In the case of flights, compromises come in the form of poor seat recline, layovers, leg space, no free food, drinks, and duration. While deciding on your flight, you ought to have a look at everything that matters in any way. The attempts are sure to be helpful and save some for you to enjoy at your destination.

5 Movies That Will Give You Travel Goals

5 Movies That Will Give You Travel Goals

MOVIE TIME!!! What’s the first thought you get after reading this? Popcorn, booking an advanced ticket for Joker, or a reminder to get back at your old school nemesis? Well, you know what, some just exist to remind you that there is so much scenic beauty in this world that needs to be explored right away. And we’re thankful for such travel movies. Let’s get inspired to travel, one movie at a time, shall we?

1. Tamasha

You might not have seen this one. But you are not one to be blamed, the film bombed at the box office big time. But for the travel lust, you gotta see this one. This Imitiaz Ali venture has beautifully captured the in and out of French city Corsica. Just give this one watch and you’ll be daydreaming about the city already. Or maybe even start packing.

2. Queen

QueenWell, let’s face it, if Rani can do it, so can we all. How often have you thought of doing self-discovery? And doing that while travelling to a new country altogether really adds to the experience. Rani found herself in London, you could too.

3. The Holiday

Have you ever thought of exchanging home with a stranger? How would that even feel living in a luxurious house of somebody else’s? Well, there are services out there in the world which allow you to swap home with others and live there for a week or so. But you don’t have to do it. Surrey and Los Angeles’ beauty is enough to inspire us to travel, whether swapping homes is part of the package or not.

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If it is not the tomato hurling festival, the breathtaking landscapes of Spain are sure to steal your heart away. The guy gang in this travel movie visited here to have some fun downtime and guess what, one of them even found love! So, don’t wait up, start curating your itinerary. Who knows what you would stumble upon!

5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniThat chilly breeze, mountain trees, snow-capped peaks, and a wish-granting place – what more do you want from your next travel destination? These 5 friends on the verge of going in different directions, went on this life-changing journey and in the process get tied to each other with invisible strings forever. You could have your YJHD version of your own with your friends in Gulmarg, or any other place of your choice for that matter.

And, as they say, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters. Get inspiration from these travel movies or discover your own alleys to wander around. And the only thing that matters is if you had fun!

A Complete Vacation: Things One’s Gotta Do

A Complete Vacation: Things One’s Gotta Do

Planning A Vacation Trip

Planning a vacation is easy but finding the one cool destination might pose a bit of trouble. You’ve found a destination but you’re not sure how to go about it to make sure you make the most out of the trip. There is a whole lot of places to choose from. You might even find your destination but may not know what to do, what places to visit and how to arrange everything for the same. Meaning of a trip is one journey to a destination taken to enjoy and find some personal space. First things to be sorted out are the purpose and duration of the trip and most importantly the budget.

The Fittest Destination

Find the destination where you wish to go. An important thing to do while choosing the destination is to know about the places, weather and the best time to visit the place. You might want to consider the budget, duration and everything about the destinations you’ve got in your mind. Compare and find a one which suits your travel style. It is good to understand the desires of who you’re going to be traveling with. Identifying the fittest destination for a vacation is easy if you know what you really want and your pocket is ready to back you up.

Vacation Fun

Comparisons To Select

Next is picking up the best package. It involves comparisons on the basis of different grounds. The work that you got to be doing here is important and can save you a few bucks. This is a useful move and might improve the overall experience. The garden can be a lot more fun if you’ve money to buy some ice-cream. Don’t forget to pack your cameras because this is going to be a whole lot of fun.

A Bucket List

Make some research to find out the places to visit at the destination you’ve chosen for your vacation. Besides finding places, this research can help you find the preferred hotels, restaurants and means of transportation. You are going to a different place; it is most likely that the language is different, culture is different and everything is quite unlike.  It is due to this that you need to know a lot of things before you might be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. A place comes with a number of things that one can do there; so don’t miss out on any of those.

You’re not supposed to forget the things that enhance your overall vacation experience because in any case, you don’t want to be looking for things that you could’ve brought. As your destination suggests you should carry important items along. Well, you’ve got to take a lead; you’ve got to know everything about the place so the trip could be enjoyed conveniently.

Things I Need

Enjoy To The Fullest

Make necessary arrangements at the destination beforehand for things like hotel bookings, tickets to places and more. Book the flight and before booking the flight you might want to make some comparisons. Comparison of flights and this way you can find the best flight at a low price. Making use of travel websites may prove to be of help as you can check a number of hotels, flights and everything at a reasonable price. Following all these steps you can be sure that you are going to make the most out of it.

5 Awesome Places to Have Your Bachelorette Party

5 Awesome Places to Have Your Bachelorette Party

Any girl who has decided to take the vows deserves to have one last super-rocking fun before going around the fire. From mountainous areas to sun-kissed places to eccentric alleys, we’ve curated a fool-proof list of places where you can have a great time with your besties. Read on to find your kind of bachelorette party.

1. Goa

Do we need to say it out loud? Of course, Goa should be on your list. You don’t wanna miss the chance to splash waters with your girls before finally taking the big step. The Las Vegas of India has everything from casinos, cheap beer, lit nightclubs, and oh-so-cool beaches. Take it from us, Goa is the place to go wild. Your bachelorette just couldn’t get any better.

2. Rishikesh
Rishikesh is unique in itself for its wafting spiritualism and loads of adrenaline-pumping water sports. It is a relaxing nature’s wonder located smack dab in the lap of nature. Go rock climb in the morning, bungee jumping in daylight, and at night, take in the beautiful landscapes while falling asleep under stars. This one of a kind experience is not to be missed.

3. Nasik

While we’re thinking of having a wild fun experience, what comes to mind more than wine? Think no further and pack bags for a city none other than Nasik. To be honest, this is not going to be that wild-wild experience and more like a classy experience. Imagine holding a glass of wine and sauntering through the lush vineyards. And have you ever wondered, how does it feel to stomp on bundles of grapes? And what’s more! Dining on some fine food is also part of the experience. This arrangement is perfect for a laidback bachelorette party. (Yes, this is a thing.)

4. Jaipur

If you’re not exactly looking for going all reckless and rowdy, then Jaipur would just be fine for your bachelorette party. The city is calm, colorful, and royal. Walking down the streets of the pink city with your besties might just be the break you’re looking for before walking down the aisle. The luxurious spas, the exceptional hospitality of the city, and lots of trinklets shopping in bazaar lanes might be your ultimate spa in this sunny city.

5. Ladakh

Ladakh is all fun and we’ll just give you one piece of advice – take a road trip here (thank us later!). The spectacular views, breathtaking landscapes, and vast & empty roads would make you forget clubbing faster than you think. Shimmering and serene lakes, snow-capped cliffs, and high passes will give you selfies and memories for a lifetime. Moreover, cycling is a pleasure in Ladakh. Spend the night by a river and gossip all night sipping on noodles. FUN!

So, these were some fun destinations to visit before you put on that big bad red dress!

Which place do you like most?

Photographer, An Artist With Magic

Photographer, An Artist With Magic

Grab The Camera, Be A Photographer

Shortage of beautiful things in the world means there are beautiful things but not enough.  Moment flies like a professional bird leaving one with nothing but memories. It doesn’t take much time for these memories to start fading away and this is where you need your camera. Going further you might want to be a photographer. Well, mentioned above are two reasons why one must capture moments but believe it, there are a whole lot of reasons for the same.

Carry The Photographs

One keeps on moving from one place to another; moving from one beautiful place to another. To keep these beautiful moments from getting faded away one needs to capture them through an artificial eye, the camera. Sensing it is important as it involves understanding the game of life. When one goes through these old photographs, one realizes how far one has come in life. The age doesn’t stay the same.  This is evolution and photographs are the proof.

Ride On Time

Photography As A Profession

For a profession, photography is just awesome. Making trips and taking photographs, it’s got to be cool. In case it happens to be your passion, this profession can make everything for you. The dream is good and so is the work. The growing need of photographers everywhere is the reason this profession is second to none. Commercial photography, scientific photography, photojournalist photography, freelance photography, wildlife photography and many more fields are just a few of the examples of the work.

Every Shot A Story

Photographers have a different way to look at things and the standpoint is beautiful. Nature, people, facts and whatnot, photographers seek to cover everything in the world. They present the reality before us. The adventure of photography is different and involves discovery. This discovery is an integral part of sky-touching photography. More often than not, in search of something they end up finding something else. You never know what you going for; you can find anything on your way. A good fact of photography is anything can be shot, the skill of the photographer can make it a wonder.


From early morning till late night, the quest never stops. Any moment can be a picture-perfect moment. A lensman has to be awake with the camera hanging. This makes it a job with no working hours but an all-time job. The more the work, the more the taste. Everything is meant to be photographed and everyone can be a photographer. In different words, the field is so vast and hugely inclusive.

Completing The Work

An interesting and important part is to complete the photograph with the description. The lensman describes what the photograph is symbolic of. This detailed description helps a message through the work reach out to the masses. Photographic work is complete only when it gives out the meaning. It is complete when it conveys what it is meant to. One way to do it is through describing the work with a destcriptive writing or just a few words from the photographer.

Giving The Work Words

The art of photography makes the photographer an artist. The work of the artist is to innovate and find what’s not there.  Every time an innovation takes place in the work, the work becomes one hell of an effort. It is this sort of innovative effort that marks the beginning of success in this career.  Pictures do speak and photographers give them words.