The Lockdown Reading Shenanigans: The scion of Iskvaku- Ram

The Lockdown Reading Shenanigans: The scion of Iskvaku- Ram

Anyone who has read ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ by Amish Tripathi would know the essence of Amish’s writing.

The Shiva Trilogy consisted of three books:

  • The Immortals of Meluha
  • The Secret of Nagas
  • The oath of Vayuputras

The series swept the Indian readers off their feet. It was something that no one could have ever imagined. And all credit goes to the crazy mind of Amish Tripathi. Amish came back with a bang with his new series. This was ‘The Ram Chandra’ series.

‘The Scion of Ishkvaku- Ram’ is the first book in the series. Unpopular opinion- The Ram Chandra series is better than the Shiva Trilogy. The first book narrates the story of ‘Ram’ the firstborn son of King Dashrath and the crown prince of Ayodhya. It narrates the story of how the seventh Avtar of Vishnu grew up, got his formal education at the hands of Guru Vashishtha and got married to the fairy princess (but no less than a fierce warrior) Sita.

His bond with his brothers, his equation with his father and his attitude towards Dharma have been explained in detail but in a very simple process. The book goes with the flow. Nothing seems extra or unnecessarily added and the story feels complete too.

His feelings for his wife Sita and the way he looked at the sacred bond of marriage are the highlights of the story. The book takes you through the journey of Ram till the abduction of Sita at the hands of Lanka King Raavan, which occurred during their fourteen-year exile.

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Jai Sri Ram!

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If you have a thing for Indian history and want to read it from a different perspective, then go for the book. The best thing is that it has two sequel books to it so you will have plenty of stuff to read and would not feel hung to the story.

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The Lockdown Reading Shneningans: 5 little pigs

The Lockdown Reading Shneningans: 5 little pigs

There is nothing better than a good mystery book and when it comes to murder mysteries, Agatha Cristie is considered as the queen. Agatha Cristie has written the world’s most famous murder mystery books.

One of her recurring characters is ‘Detective Hercule Poirot’. And one of the most iconic Hercule Poirot cases is of ‘Five Little Pigs’. The title seems to be a little offbeat but it all makes sense. The moment when the reader understands the context of the title is a pretty impressive one.

In this case, Hercule Poirot solves a murder that happened years ago. There’s no scene of the murder, no dead body or witnesses to help the Belgian detective. The only thing he has is a list of five suspects. A famous painter had died a few years ago and his wife took the blame and now their daughter wants to clear her mother’s name.

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And it is up to our favourite detective to make sure that the real killer gets behind the bars and the dead wife’s name gets cleared. The book is a classic Agatha Cristie murder mystery. It is a sure shot page-turner and will never bore you.

Best in the case of a reading slump and it is a good choice for new readers too. Go give it a read!

Happy reading.

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The Lockdown reading shenanigans

The Lockdown reading shenanigans

Of course, all the readers must be wondering that they will finish all their pending books during this lockdown and this is the wisest thing to do. Cause Tup tap ghal pe leneka.

I will be bringing forth some of of my favourite books of all time which could lighten up your reading shenanigans. Our pick for today is Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Krishna Key’.

Reasons to pick up The Krishna Key

Ashwin Sanghi has often been called the Indian Dan Brown. Firstly he recreates mythology for the readers by spinning the wool of mystery along with it. There’s nothing better than a good mystery book to engage a reader with the storyline.

‘The Krishna Key’ is also written in this fashion. Sanghi has written about a character who has juxtaposed himself with the ancient predictions about ‘The Kalki Avtar’- The 10th and Final Avtar of Lord Vishnu. The character is on a killing spree and it is up to the protagonist ‘Saini’ who is a scholar in ancient history to stop these killings and save himself from the killer.

As the story developes a lot of authentic historical facts and figures come up as ‘Saini’ tries to solve the mystery. The book is very fast-paced. It is a page-turner and can surely get you to break your reading slump (if you are going through one).

It is a very satisfying book. The feeling a reader gets after finishing with it is no less than an achievement.

So, if you are looking for a book to read during this lockdown, ‘The Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi is just the book for you.

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Happy reading!

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How should you build a reading regime?

How should you build a reading regime?

If you have been complaining about the lack of time for your reading shenanigans then this 21-day lockdown is just the thing that your reading habit needs.

Cause tup tap ghal pe leneka bahal nai jaane ka nai. You can follow a strict reading regime. Let me explain how:

  • Pick up a book: Pick up a book, anything that you like or have been waiting to read. There are millions of pdfs available online and also the books you would have already hoarded. Fiction or non-fiction, science-related, fantasy fiction, dystopia etc. It could be a spiritual book, religious literature, classic/modern or a self-help book. Just pick a book.
  • Find a reading nook: It will be better if you find yourself a reading nook. A place where electronic gadgets are not allowed unless you are not reading on a kindle or phone or you are listening to an audiobook. Get comfortable in your reading nook.
  • Tolerate the first 30 pages: Every book takes at least 30-50 pages to build up the storyline and you have to make sure that you tolerate the first 30 pages. This point is for the new readers who are still not habitual of finishing thick-ass books.
  • Re-read: There is no shame in re-reading a book. If you want to revise your Harry Potter series or Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or revisit the Shire with the Lord of the Rings series, it is up to you. Do not shame yourself.
  • Bookstagram! : You can create a Bookstagram account on Instagram. You can do book reviews, read-a-thons and show off your book collection. You can write fanfictions and click some really cool photos of your books and post them.
  • Read whatever you want: You do not have to shame yourself if you enjoy reading Twilight Saga or Vampire Diaries, do it if you want it. Reading is reading. Go through poems, Urdu Shayaris and short stories. Enjoying what you read is the main goal.
  • Read regional literature: We have a tressure like collection of regional literature. For a change, you could read Munshi Premchand (if you haven’t then please do), Mirza Ghalib, Jaun Elia, Sharat Chandra and any other writer you like.

Happy Reading!

Characters Known/Unknown: Sarita Mehra from Wake up Sid

Characters Known/Unknown: Sarita Mehra from Wake up Sid

If Indian cinema has seen a good coming of age film, that film is wake up Sid. The movie focuses on a spoilt entitles rich brat Sid Mehra and his struggles with his life and at the end him realising the worth of hard work and dedication.

Sarita Mehra, played by Supriya Pathak is a middle-aged woman who has her world around her son and husband. Sarita saw a drastic change in her social status throughout her life. She started off as a simple housewife to a struggling businessman. She was not much educated but tried to fit in with the so-called high-class as her husband gained success. She is humble and down to earth and not for a second show any vanity related to her rich status.

A dedicated mother and wife she always tried to be a bridge between her husband and son. She could see Sid getting out of her hands but tried to understand him as much as possible. When Sid fails the college exams she tries to reason with her husband and also tries to get to know the real reason behind that failure.

There is a cute aspect to her personality that she tries to fit in, in her own way. Her attempts at speaking errorful English which at times irritated Sid are nothing but her attempts at getting close to her son who is lost in his own life. When Sid leaves the house, her tension and sadness are visible.

The scene where she drops off a box of mangoes at Ayesha’s place and tells her not to tell Sid about it shows the pure essence of motherhood. She even tries to offer Ayesha some money so as to make sure Sid’s expenses are taken care of is an emotional scene to watch.

When Sid visits her and they both look at the old family albums it is clearly understood that she observes her husband and child very closely and knows things that even they don’t know about themselves.

She points it out to Sid that his passion for photography is something that he inherited from his father and also a fact that his father had to give up on his hobbies just to make sure that the family was well provided for. She sees the sacrifice that her husband made for her and Sid in a way that no one else had ever been able to see.

The way she deals with Sid’s entitlement and misbehaviour is quite mature. She might have been a little less educated and spoke broken English but in the end, turns out to be the most understanding and practical character in the film.

She is a true picture of a mother. If you haven’t watched the film then do watch it and if you have already watched it, do it once again but this time just for Supriya Pathak and her perfect portrayal of the amazing mother and woman Sarita Mehta.

Characters Known/Unknown: Raju from Hera Pheri

Characters Known/Unknown: Raju from Hera Pheri

The 2000 film by Priyadarshan is something that will always stay close to our hearts. The hilarious film is an all-time favourite of many and had a great star cast and characterization.

Raju, played by Akhsay kumar is an unemployed young man living as a tenant in Babu Rao’s house long with the hard-working and decent Shyam played by Suniel Shetty.

Raju is a big time liar, whose mother lives in another city and is under a delusion that he is well to do and is making a lot of money in Mumbai. Raju is a trickster, he doesn’t mind the foul play in order to get his hands at some money. His constant fights with Shyam cause a lot of havoc.

When Kabira mistakenly calls star garage asking for Ransom of Devi Prasad’s grand daughter. It is Raju who plans to take the advantage of this opportunity and earn a lot of money. But in the end it is shown that he has a clear conscious and would not hurt anyone to get his way.

Raju, in the second installment of the film, once again suffers due to his greed. He believes that he can double his money and get richer but is conned by Anuradha. During the process, he gets mixed with Totla Tiwari and has to arrange for 40 lakhs in a shirt duration of time. The trio gets mixed up with drugs and the end once again is hilarious.

Raju can be best described by the words, greedy and over-smart but a person who gets caught up in unimaginable havoc.

Akshay Kumar did an amazing job with the role and I guess it is a time to rewatch Hera Pheri.