5 Foods That Sharpen Your Brain

5 Foods That Sharpen Your Brain

We all need to keep our brains sharp. Some of us are just born smart, while others have to work for it. And as the brain ages, even the smart ones have to do something to keep up. And the best way to keep your smarty pants on is to eat special foods that are just carved out to make you stay ahead. Who doesn’t want to be the smartest person in the room anyway? So, here are 5 foods that make your brain sharper…


There is research that indicates towards the fact that blueberries may help in delaying short-term memory loss and even improving it. So suppose you are taking this very interesting Buzzfeed quiz one fine day. But guess what, being halfway through it you just forgot what it was really about! (Not speaking from experience! 🙂 ). Then you should know, you need this beautiful blue fruit in your life. The main compound that is in work here is anthocyanins. This is also found in purple and dark red fruits, like blackberries. So you can find help in them too. (1)

Pumpkin Seeds

Need sharper memory and better thinking skills? Think no more because these pleasant-green looking seeds have got your back. Their high zinc content makes them effective brain-boosting food. Moreover, they may also help in boosting your mood. 🙁 –> 🙂


Sage is known to improve concentration and memory. While there are many accounts that focus on sage as an essential oil, you can also take them fresh in your diet. (2)


Spicy Broccoli

This green superfood is a powerhouse of vitamin K which is considered to enhance brainpower and improve cognitive function. Research also shows that it contains glucosinolates which keep our memories sharp and ensures the proper working of our central nervous system. (3)

Oily Fish

Oily fish contains omega-3 fats in the form of DHA and EPA. It promotes the healthy function of the brain and also improves memory & learning. (4) The main sources include trout, salmon, herring, and pilchards. Vegans can go for soya beans, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia as a substitute.

In addition, nuts, eggs, wholegrains, dark chocolate, and avocados may also help in improving your brain powers!

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Why It’s High Time You Should Start Eating Red Cabbage?

Why It’s High Time You Should Start Eating Red Cabbage?

The very first thing that will attract you towards red cabbage is its beautiful red color, striped with white. It’s also called purple cabbage as well, depending on its color. Since it is pH sensitive, the cabbage’s color is acquired from the soil it grows in. Besides the color talk, the red cabbage brings much more to the table (plate in this case) than just some culinary aesthetic. It is packed with nutrients galore and if you’re not eating it, you’re not doing full justice to your body. From delay in aging to preventing cancer, it does a lot for your body.


89 grams of red cabbage provides:

Content Amount
Protein1 gram
Fiber2 gram
Vitamin K85% of the RDI
Vitamin C54% of the RDI
Folate10% of the RDI
Manganese7% of the RDI
Vitamin B66% of the RDI
Calcium 4% of the RDI
Potassium 4% of the RDI
Magnesium 3% of the RDI

How to Consume It?

Don’t heat it. This will destroy its nutritional value. Prefer it as a raw salad or Sauerkraut (fermented version).

Health Benefits

Promotes Weight Loss

It does help in shedding extra pounds. Being high in dietary fiber, the red cabbage also makes sure your digestive system is working fine. It makes you feel full and thus eliminates any and all chances of overeating. And since it is low in calories, it doesn’t pile much on your daily calorie count.

Fights Ageing

The harmful free radicals present in our body may accelerate the aging process. Wrinkles, dark spots, and age spots, these are the first basic signs of skin that is getting old. Red cabbage being full of anti-oxidants, fights these radicals and help in keeping the skin tight and young. Consuming this red colored wonder also helps the skin to retain its elasticity (due to supple amounts of vitamin A) and promotes regrowth of skin cells. It also helps in protection from sun damage.

Helps Eye Health

Is your eyesight getting worse? It’s time you switch junk food for red cabbage. It is rich in vitamin A which is extremely helpful in preventing macular degeneration. Moreover, it also prevents cataracts.

Fights Cancer

Red cabbage has wonderful cancer-fighting ability, thanks to it being rich in anti-oxidants like indoles and anthocyanins. The former is especially helpful in preventing the dreaded breast cancer in women. Moreover, its vitamin A content makes it less likely that you get diagnosed with lung cancer.

Good for Your Bones

You can trust red cabbage with your bone health as well. This cabbage contains manganese, magnesium, and calcium that are vital for the growth of bones. It also contains vitamin K which increases the protein content in your body, necessary to maintain calcium in bones. Risks of osteoporosis are also reduced by consuming red cabbage.

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

The main cause of memory loss is the formation of a particular kind of plaque. And red cabbage helps by preventing the formation of exactly this kind of plaque. It can prevent and at the very least, can delay the onset of this disease.

Boosts Immune System

Red cabbage is abundant in vitamin C, way more than its green-colored counterpart. Vitamin C helps in the formation of white blood cells which are basically our first and foremost defense system against the harmful variety of microbes. The vitamin also helps in the production of collagen which is key to protecting the body tissues. Moreover, vitamin C fights free radicals that can potentially impair our immune system.

Do Not Consume Red Cabbage if:

  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have a Hypothyroidism condition.
  • You’re a diabetic person. These people should consult their doctors first before consuming it. The red cabbage can mess up their sugar levels.
5 Amazing Things Grape Juice Does to Your Health

5 Amazing Things Grape Juice Does to Your Health

Grape juice is amazing. In fact too amazing it doesn’t look real. But it is, we have a proof, scientific one. So here are some proven benefits of grape juice.

1. Gives You A Skin That Can Bring Out Green-Eyed Monsters in Others

Grape juice contains a lot of anti-oxidants and therefore can improve skin health. It also contains good amounts of hydrolyzed collagen that works wonder for your skin elasticity. And that just translates to the late onset of wrinkles. (1)

2. Prevents Bad Death from Cancer

Yep. Purple grape juice prevents damaging of DNA which could lead to cancer. Moreover, studies find that grape juice can also kill colon cancer cells. (2) (3)

3. Heartily Cares for the Heart

Grape juice contains a lot of anti-oxidants which can take care of heart health. Moreover, it increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) in arteries. Just drinking it for 2-4 weeks pronounces a significant improvement in the flow of blood through the arteries. It’s also helpful for people already diagnosed with coronary artery disease. (4) (5)

4. Smartens up the Overweights

Scientists believe that overweight people can draw benefits from grapes. Grape juice can burn fat, especially if they’re dark-colored ones. (6)

5. It’s a Detox!

If you lead a sedentary life or are a smoker, look no further than grape juice for detoxification. It helps in flushing out the toxins from your system. No more expensive detox treatments! (7)

Science-Backed Benefits of Honey and Warm Water That You Didn’t Know

Science-Backed Benefits of Honey and Warm Water That You Didn’t Know

We all know one thing that a mixture of warm water and honey does for us. *It helps us lose weight* From moms to your beautician to friends, all have one no-brainer straight-up advice of consuming this mixture whenever we vent about our weight issues to them. Happened with you too, right? Now it almost sounds like robotic when it comes out of their mouths. So is that all this mixture can do for us? Well, certainly not. There’s more to it than meets the eyes. And science backs it!

Taking honey with warm water has way more benefits than you thought. So…what are they? Here we go…

Protects You from Infectious Diseases

Are you prone to infections? If yes, then you have got a godsend med in honey and water. This mixture is rich in antibacterial properties and will prevent you from getting down with a disease borne of an infection.

Helps Kids with Cough

Honey with water works excellently for kids (above a year older) who frequently get caught with cold. The mixture helps not only with bringing down the severity of cough but also the frequency of it. Amazing, right?

Honey Promotes Digestion

The mixture makes sure you have your digestive system in check. It exerts a positive effect on the bacteria in the gut and helps your digestive health stays balanced and healthy.

So go ahead and consume this wonder mixture and stay healthy. You might as well make it a part of your daily breakfast regime too.

Workout: Always Wonderful To Experience

Workout: Always Wonderful To Experience

Why Drop Workout

A day comes with a lot to do. Consequently, at the end of the day, one finds a few things in the checklist unchecked. There is a good possibility that workout is one of those things.  Whether you go to the gym or take help of some classic home exercises, on a number of occasions you miss it. The work is important but one must not avoid something as important as the workout.

Changes For The Better

In the pursuit of great health and fitness, the workout is an important part of the overall effort. Cardiovascular exercises run a new energy in the body. These exercises are a good way to find great changes by doing some good postures. Meditation and yoga are just as important and effective. Yoga can change one’s lifestyle enormously for the better.


A standard workout doesn’t ask for more than four days a week and 1 hour a day. Notwithstanding, we always fall short in accomplishing it. One can always do much more than the previous day.  Dance is another fun way to make all the parts of the body feel alive. Well, the beginning might not be so amazing, but with time it becomes a part of the daily routine and a fun thing to do. The changes one finds in oneself become a source of encouragement.

Workout, A Discipline

Tools are not required to make a workout complete. Dumbbells are not needed, provided you don’t want to use them. The trick lies behind your determination. Staying healthy is very important, a task though doesn’t ask for anything more than discipline. Start off with a walk and move it towards squats and burpees. A workout is a flexible activity.  One can do everything that suits oneself; something that one can easily do.

Do You Need Tools?

Not only does it help in being fit but also paces up the competence of individuals. People with a workout in routine are believed to be stable and calmer. Why not choose it? Carve out time for this magical activity and live life actively.

Wonderful To Experience

Feel the change and build up skills which are important to run on the path which leads to success. It becomes an integral part of life. Lifestyle is complete with a workout in the routine. The ways and postures make it an interesting thing to do. The more the better, here it doesn’t go this way. It must follow a certain style. An instructor may help and this is good; always wonderful to experience.

Pollution: An Intense Contamination

Pollution: An Intense Contamination

Pollution Is Invisible

Pollution exists in the form of chemical substances or energy that cause adverse changes in the environment. This impurity has the potential of affecting generations. The pollutants take many different shapes and forms and are invisible. However, not invisible enough that we cannot identify.

Environmental contamination is a major issue in the world. A major contributor to a big portion of the global burden of diseases; pollution killed 9 million people in the world in the year of 2015. Air, land, light, water pollution, and radioactive contamination are some of the deadliest kinds of pollution which are rampant and cause intense destruction all around the world. The whole world runs the risk of falling prey to the deadly diseases caused by this impurity in the atmosphere. Almost all the organs of the body are affected by pollution in one way or the other.

All Starts With E-Friendly Ways

There are ways to reduce pollution significantly with the use of eco-friendly techniques. The plantation is a big step in the against this contamination and use of e-friendly articles can really make the world a better place. Vehicles must run on better fuel, CNG. The reduction is the use of plastic may save water and land. For a pure food cycle, chemical use in farming must come down.


Contaminating environment does not ask for a lot and hence, there are various causes of it. From plastic to glass, almost everything that is not disposed of well causes pollution. Nature and living organisms suffer because of the contamination of the environment. Everything that makes up pollution turns out to be something created by humans. Human activities build up the pace for pollution and in return, this contamination is killing humans. It is because of that the adversity on the planet is rising.

Motor vehicle emission is one of the major reasons for severe air pollution all around the world. Greenhouses gases are making global warming worse than ever before. The pollutants alter the natural conditions and make it worse. Untreated sewage water is the reason water is unfit even for the fishes. Non-biodegradable substances contribute significantly to the contamination of land and water bodies. Consequently, we need to be careful of what we do.

Factory Smoke
Factory Smoke

Let’s Root It Out

Unified efforts may bring about a positive change. Raising awareness, we can kick off the campaign to eliminate pollution. This starts with sacrificing comfort and conveniences; a lot of it. We’ve to follow a proper way which leads us to sustainability, not destruction. The elimination of pollution asks for a great effort from everyone. The rise in temperature, poor quality of air, lessened fertility, water-borne diseases are evident everywhere and it can all be attributed to the contamination of the environment. Let’s root it out.