Characters Known/Unknown: Sarita Mehra from Wake up Sid

Characters Known/Unknown: Sarita Mehra from Wake up Sid

If Indian cinema has seen a good coming of age film, that film is wake up Sid. The movie focuses on a spoilt entitles rich brat Sid Mehra and his struggles with his life and at the end him realising the worth of hard work and dedication.

Sarita Mehra, played by Supriya Pathak is a middle-aged woman who has her world around her son and husband. Sarita saw a drastic change in her social status throughout her life. She started off as a simple housewife to a struggling businessman. She was not much educated but tried to fit in with the so-called high-class as her husband gained success. She is humble and down to earth and not for a second show any vanity related to her rich status.

A dedicated mother and wife she always tried to be a bridge between her husband and son. She could see Sid getting out of her hands but tried to understand him as much as possible. When Sid fails the college exams she tries to reason with her husband and also tries to get to know the real reason behind that failure.

There is a cute aspect to her personality that she tries to fit in, in her own way. Her attempts at speaking errorful English which at times irritated Sid are nothing but her attempts at getting close to her son who is lost in his own life. When Sid leaves the house, her tension and sadness are visible.

The scene where she drops off a box of mangoes at Ayesha’s place and tells her not to tell Sid about it shows the pure essence of motherhood. She even tries to offer Ayesha some money so as to make sure Sid’s expenses are taken care of is an emotional scene to watch.

When Sid visits her and they both look at the old family albums it is clearly understood that she observes her husband and child very closely and knows things that even they don’t know about themselves.

She points it out to Sid that his passion for photography is something that he inherited from his father and also a fact that his father had to give up on his hobbies just to make sure that the family was well provided for. She sees the sacrifice that her husband made for her and Sid in a way that no one else had ever been able to see.

The way she deals with Sid’s entitlement and misbehaviour is quite mature. She might have been a little less educated and spoke broken English but in the end, turns out to be the most understanding and practical character in the film.

She is a true picture of a mother. If you haven’t watched the film then do watch it and if you have already watched it, do it once again but this time just for Supriya Pathak and her perfect portrayal of the amazing mother and woman Sarita Mehta.

Characters Known/Unknown: Raju from Hera Pheri

Characters Known/Unknown: Raju from Hera Pheri

The 2000 film by Priyadarshan is something that will always stay close to our hearts. The hilarious film is an all-time favourite of many and had a great star cast and characterization.

Raju, played by Akhsay kumar is an unemployed young man living as a tenant in Babu Rao’s house long with the hard-working and decent Shyam played by Suniel Shetty.

Raju is a big time liar, whose mother lives in another city and is under a delusion that he is well to do and is making a lot of money in Mumbai. Raju is a trickster, he doesn’t mind the foul play in order to get his hands at some money. His constant fights with Shyam cause a lot of havoc.

When Kabira mistakenly calls star garage asking for Ransom of Devi Prasad’s grand daughter. It is Raju who plans to take the advantage of this opportunity and earn a lot of money. But in the end it is shown that he has a clear conscious and would not hurt anyone to get his way.

Raju, in the second installment of the film, once again suffers due to his greed. He believes that he can double his money and get richer but is conned by Anuradha. During the process, he gets mixed with Totla Tiwari and has to arrange for 40 lakhs in a shirt duration of time. The trio gets mixed up with drugs and the end once again is hilarious.

Raju can be best described by the words, greedy and over-smart but a person who gets caught up in unimaginable havoc.

Akshay Kumar did an amazing job with the role and I guess it is a time to rewatch Hera Pheri.

Characters known/unknown: Lucky from Golmaal series

Characters known/unknown: Lucky from Golmaal series

While talking about some iconic characters that we do not acknowledge much but always exist at the back of our mind and we can recollect about them with a prompt, Lucky from the Golmaal series directed by Rohit Shetty is someone which will always stay at the back of my head.

Lucky played by Tushar Kapoor is Kapoor’s most memorable performance in his entire career. First of all the acting was class apart. The role seems to be written specifically for Kapoor and he did an amazing job at it.

Lucky cannot speak, he is mute. But he is amazing at how he expresses himself in signs. His over the top usage of signs and cute sounds that he made while talking is what makes us remember him the most. He is funny and intelligent and in no way his disability to speak makes him less desirable. He tends to add on hilarious references to his signals which result in stomach-aching laughter.

He tends to win the entire game at the end of the plot. In the first part, he ended up winning the girl’s heart while the other three were left dumbstruck. In the second part, he took away the Job offer and ended up getting engaged to the Boss’ daughter. Though the third and fourth parts of the movie have been criticized for the lack of a good script but Kapoor did a fantastic job at playing Lucky.

Be it Nana Nani Nano or Ae Oing Ae Oing, Lucky will forever stay with us as something that made us laugh in the best way possible.

Characters Known/Unknown: Harry Potter

Characters Known/Unknown: Harry Potter

Some characters stay with us for a lifetime and Harry Potter is one of them for me. Joanne Rowling created something that helped a lot of people who have gone through tough times. Harry played on screen by Daniel Radcliffe is the main protagonist in the Harry Potter book and TV series.

Harry, is introduced to us in the first book titled as The Philosopher’s stone as an eleven-year-old orphan kid who discovers that he is a wizard. It is not just the fact that he is a wizard. It is the pure intention of his heart that makes us love the child he is. He chooses Ron over rich Draco which shows that even at such a young age he knows the difference between wrong and right. He is brave and courageous and is ready to give his life to save the philosopher’s stone from getting into the wrong hands.

Through out the series we see him humbly living his life and staying loyal to his friends while fighting against the evil. No where he is afraid of giving up his own life for saving someone else. At the end of the second book he realizes that he is the perfect Gryffindor when he pulls the sword out of the sorting hat.

We see him accepting his fate when he gets to know that he is the chosen one to bring Voldemort (Yes, I said the name) to an end. We see him mourning over Cedric Diggory’s death for a very long time. He is a great teacher, by the age of 15, he was teaching a bunch of students from the school in defence against the dark arts when they had to deal with Evil and incompetent Dolores Umbridge.

His struggle with his own feelings in he sixth part tells us that in the end he was an innocent teenager who had same issues as others around him. Finding a companion in Ginny was ideal for him because, the book Ginny is badass (no matter what I will always be angry about the lousy portrayal of Ginny in the movies).

he knows his limitations, the way he accepts that they would have been long dead without Hermione is a good example of that.

The end of the series is painful. We see Harry lose his loved ones and friends. We see him bravely fighting for his school and watch him die and come back. I won’t be talking about the cursed child cause we don’t do that here.

But Harry is the hero we all have within us.

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Characters Known/Unknown: Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Characters Known/Unknown: Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

It is not very uncommon to get unrealistic expectations after reading some books, especially classic literature. Characters like Fitzwilliam Darcy are the ones that challenge the readers till the end. Jane Austen has written this book in the form of a satire that is relevant in today’s society as well.

Mr. Darcy is the center of attraction of the most women around him because, first he is very wealthy and second he is quite handsome as per the description in the book. Darcy can tend to be a little slow at communication and bad at expressing himself because of the fact that he understands that women around him like him for his money and not for his true self.

Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth (Lizzy) but is unable to communicate his feelings because of his prejudice. Rather than winning her over he insults Lizzy and his family by calling her plain looking and referring to her family as annoying. This agitates Lizzy very much and she starts hating him considering him to be a vane and high-headed man who is full of himself.

While in reality Lizzy is the only woman who looks at him beyond his wealth. He wrongly advises his best friend Charles Bingley which leads to Jane’s heartbreak but on realizing his mistake he at once sorts out the misunderstanding between the lovers.

The purity of Darcy’s heart is clearly seen when he writes that letter to Elizabeth with all his feelings confessed. Till the end of the book the reader realizes that Darcy is very misunderstood and his only fault is that he is bad at expressing himself. The character who is hated the most at the beginning turns out to be the most loved.

If you haven’t read the book yet it is high point that you read it and if you have, revisiting it won’t hurt you, will it?

Characters Known/Unkown- Hermione Jean Granger

Characters Known/Unkown- Hermione Jean Granger

Some characters are not just for your personal preference they are the ones that influence some negative mindsets of the society and change the way a lot of things are generally perceived in the society. J.K. Rowling when wrote Harry Potter, she didn’t just give us with a beautiful and magical story to escape to but a really strong female lead who changed a lot on how women were seen in the world of literature.

Hermione is a Muggle-born wizard in the Harry Potter universe. She is popularly known as the brightest witch of her age. She is smart, intelligent and comes across as a person who keeps her opinions openly in front of the world to see them the best thing about her is that she is not scared. She is brave and she is the best friend anyone can ever have.

Harry and Ron both know that if it weren’t for her, they both would died in their first year at Hogwarts itself. She is not just books and cleverness. She is about keeping calm in situations no one else could have. The way she stands with the boys through out the series is something that all women out there adore.

Hermione showed girls that it was okay to be the smartest person in the room and we should never dumb down because of men. Hermione punching Draco in the face will forever be one of the most amazing moments from the series. The courage which she shows during the last part of the series when she erases her parents memories of her to keep them safe is very underrated.

Hermione Granger is a girl everyone should look up to.