This 2007 novel by American writer Andre Aciman is one of a kind. I read it a few months ago and my reaction to it was not normal. To be honest as a voracious reader who has read a lot of John Green and Nicholas Sparks I really didn’t know how to react to what I had read. Of course I had enjoyed it. It was beautiful. But was I supposed to be happy or was I supposed to be sad is still not clear to me.

Now we all know that reaction to a novel is quite subjective and no two people read the same book. Call me by your name describes an unsaid romance between two young men. Elio, 17 and Oliver 24 meet each other one summer and end up falling in love. The fact that it is about two men feeling the purest form of affection for each other is not something people had read much back in 2007.

The characters are of course, not simple. They are complicated. Their reactions to each other are unpredictable. The fact that both of them are self-aware and clearly understand the situation in front of them is sad. The end leaves you in pieces. The quotes make you shut the book and think for hours. It is a book that you cherish for days and wonder if you are capable enough to feel something of that level.

The book got a cinematic adaptation a couple of years ago which was very well received. The original soundtracks are pretty soothing too. Do listen to the mystery of love and visions of Gideons by Sufjan Stevens.

If you are looking for a book to give you some different perspective, then this book is the one and do not forget to catch the movie after you read it.

P.S.- I cried after reading it.