We all know one thing that a mixture of warm water and honey does for us. *It helps us lose weight* From moms to your beautician to friends, all have one no-brainer straight-up advice of consuming this mixture whenever we vent about our weight issues to them. Happened with you too, right? Now it almost sounds like robotic when it comes out of their mouths. So is that all this mixture can do for us? Well, certainly not. There’s more to it than meets the eyes. And science backs it!

Taking honey with warm water has way more benefits than you thought. So…what are they? Here we go…

Protects You from Infectious Diseases

Are you prone to infections? If yes, then you have got a godsend med in honey and water. This mixture is rich in antibacterial properties and will prevent you from getting down with a disease borne of an infection.

Helps Kids with Cough

Honey with water works excellently for kids (above a year older) who frequently get caught with cold. The mixture helps not only with bringing down the severity of cough but also the frequency of it. Amazing, right?

Honey Promotes Digestion

The mixture makes sure you have your digestive system in check. It exerts a positive effect on the bacteria in the gut and helps your digestive health stays balanced and healthy.

So go ahead and consume this wonder mixture and stay healthy. You might as well make it a part of your daily breakfast regime too.