Partnership, How Is It Going

For some, roommates are nothing but a source of the disturbance. Well, it could be that way. If one follows some proven ways in the course of the partnership, this wouldn’t be the case. More often than not a roomie’s way does not conform to one’s liking, nature, and feelings.  In simpler words, the partner isn’t an agreeable roomie. Entering the room marks the beginning of bad times. Is it only one or both play a part here to make the matter worse?

Division Is The First Thing

A harmonious relationship with roomie begins with the division of tasks and things. There must be a good understanding between the roomies. A good understanding derives from a good behavior towards each other. Behaving well, one gets to know the other better. When you know your partner well, you know how to manage the situations. Tasks and things can be arranged in a way that is preferred by both of the roomies.

Do It In Absence

Refrain from doing what other doesn’t like. One’s got to know what’s important and what’s not. If it’s not important and bothers the second guy, it better be avoided. For example, loud music on speakers might be annoying to one. Consequently, activities of this sort must be avoided, if it’s not so important. One can do all those in the absence of the other.  

Know Your Roomie Better

Take interest in your partners business; not the interest of bad kind but the good kind. Try to find the solution to your roomie’s problems and be helpful to him. Understand your roomie’s concern and try to look at things from a different perspective.  That would make this relationship a partnership boasting mutual respect and care. This kind of gesture is always mutually beneficial. When you need some kind of assistance, your friend cum roomie may have the solution.  

Partnership Roomies
Help Each Other

Give your roomies his/her time and space. Simply put, don’t be an intruder. Let your roomie have space and time.  A distance must be kept all the time. What this means is that a balance must be maintained in this relationship.  Talk and walk but keep your distance. It might sound a bit weird but this is a way to go about it.

Adjust Your Way A Little

Roommates are not the source of troubles if you’re ready to adjust your way a little. And it may even trigger your roomie to change his/her style to comply with yours. This is an important step in building a friendship with a roomie that lasts long. Understand, plan, and do the needful. That’s it. One’d never find hardships in surviving with a stranger who happens to be a roommate. A stranger who shares space and time; an important part of life.