Flying away from nest is never easy. You won’t be getting mommy’s delicious meals anymore but you’ll also taste independence like never before. The ride is both beautiful and challenging. But, you can always make it more exciting and comfortable for yourself. So… what you’re gonna do when you’re away from home? Make it as homely as possible, of course. Read on to know the essentials, the important casual items, and the must-have luxuries to own when you’re moving out for the first time.

  1. A Fancy Wall Clock
    I know, I know what y’all thinking. Who needs an old-fashioned clock when we all have smartphones always lying on our palm? Well, you do because, when you’re running errands, moving around in your room or just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling wondering an alter-ending for Avengers, a wall clock would defo come handy. Moreover, wouldn’t that remind you of your earlier cosy home setting? Plus, a pretty clock can ramp up your home décor easily – all of this for so much tiny amount. If you ask us, it’s perfect.

  2. LED Fairy Lights
    LED Lights
    While we’re at home décor, why not just spruce it up a bit more with Led fairy lights? They are economic, save a lot of electricity bill, and look ethereally beautiful! While white LEDs are common, we would also low-key pitch in for pink lights. The resulting view is heavenly elegant. You might even feel better in your new home when you move out.

  3. Medicine Box
    While we’re all for aesthetic touch, we can’t overlook the basic essentials. A medicine box is a must in your pretty little room because let’s face it, accidents don’t inform before happening. A first-aid kit along with aspirin and medicines for stomach-ache would cover you completely.

  4. Small Storage Baskets
    You might not have realized in your parents’ house how big of a problem the storage can be. Now, all that stuff – worn jeans, dirty shrugs, and your bag get piled on that cute chair. Hmm… not done. All this chaotic mess can easily be sorted out if only you’d invest in some small storage bags. They are cute, small, and are of super utility.

  5. A Small Tool Kit
    ToolkitYou know, that photo frame can come off the wall anytime? So better be ready with your own mini toolkit. A hammer, screwdriver, few nails would keep your life smooth and steady. Why call ‘the guy’ when you can do it all on your own.

  6. A Dedicated Workspace
    You can sure do that extra work you brought home from your couch or bed. But trust us on this, your productivity would multiply if you have a dedicated desk and chair for work overkill. A dedicated workplace helps you keep your work arranged and sorted. You can always use saved time on yourself – shopping, napping, binge-watching, whatever!

Moreover, a personal touch (if the landlady allows!) also helps you settle down and feel like home faster. Stack up your loved-ones photos, decorate with some oh-so-classy art pieces or maybe bring even a pup (or a plant) to live with you. At the end of the day, moving out to a new abode is what you make of it – a home or a makeshift apartment you’re dying to get out of!