Sweet late 20s! We’re probably the most vulnerable as adults during this phase. Inexperience, a dangerously over-optimistic attitude, and a bit of rebellion mark our technicoloured phase of life. And, it’s clear we’re going to make some mistakes (big and small) down the road. So, let’ be warned, shall we? Following are the 6 things you should defo stop if you are in the latter spectrum of the twenties!

  1. Relying on Mommy

    It’s time to ‘adult up’ because news flash: childhood is over. And you surely can’t approach mommy now for those big decisions you want to take. Should I switch my job? Should I marry? You gotta think it through all on your own now. But yeah, you can always take the advice of parents, but it should be your call at the end.

  2. Sending Bulk Texts

    Sure that would look cool on a teenager or an early 20 person. But when you’re pushing 30s, not so much. It’s time to find real friends and make your relations with them more concrete. And you surely can’t be friends with 200 people, can you?

  3. Shopping for Fast Fashion

    Picking up a few pieces from Forever21 once in a while is fine. Nothing wrong with keeping up with trends… or Kardashians for that matter (yes, even in your late 20s!). But the high-price stuff should not always be your go-to. It’s time to invest in some classy, evergreen, not-so-trendy stuff too.

  4. Going out Every weekend

    Going out is fun, so much of a fun, actually. But late 20’s all about getting a bit serious about your life, in case you hadn’t been already. So, give some Saturdays a miss and stay home. There’s a lot to do, really – reading, learning piano, or ponder upon your life choices!

  5. Not Saving At All

    If living paycheck to paycheck is your idea of living, then it’s high time to bring some changes. In 20’s, with so much bubbling energy, you hardly give thought to the fact that you’re going to get old one day. It doesn’t seem like a reality at all! But it’s there! So, start saving up for that old-you. Plus, emergencies, they never really knock, do they? They just barge in rudely! And you need to be prepared for them!

  6. Being Reckless

    Do you liberally spend money without giving it much thought? This is mainly a result of living without a budget which is another mistake in itself. Heavy partying and drugs should be bid goodbye for good now. By the way, YOLO is best left as a Twitter tag.

And a big shoutout to our 20-something audience! How many points do you relate to?