6 Hot Spots On A Man’s Body

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Trying to be the lady for him tonight? Know these erogenous and sexiest hot spots on a man’s body that are worth paying attention to:

The Philtrum

Philtrum is the small groove right above your lips. Before running the tongue down to the upper lip, stimulate Philtrum by give a soft erotic kiss on this area. Philtrum is translated from the Latin word “Love Potion”.


The Raphe

The raphe is the dividing line in the middle of his genitalia from the anus to the top of his penis, perineum, scrotum, and shaft. To arouse him, use your tongue to trace the lines down. To steam up the things tease him into your mouth.

The Raphe

Outside The Lower Lips

The spot between his lower lip and chin is the most erogenous zone. To arouse him, stroke the under-lip spot and then slowly suck his lower lip into your mouth. Stroking and kissing these curves feels like an electric current hitting on your extra sensitive nerve.



V-Zone is a hot spot that gives him immense pleasure. To rouse him, lay him down on his back while you make your way down on him. Use your fingers or tongue to trace him starting from his belly button to groin. Retrace the lines forming a “V” shape from his hips to the penis. Tease him and enjoy the moment!


Head Of His Penis

Head is known to be the most sensitive part of his penis. To take him to the level of ecstasy, give him a lipstick blowjob. Brush your lips against the head of his penis and use your fingers or tongue to lick it. Hold it gently and retrace the motions. Try the sensations by opening your mouth a bit and rubbing the head of his penis through your tongue.


The Frenulum

The frenulum is known as the F-spot. It is the flesh beneath the crown of his penis which connects the head to the shaft. When this it touched, a chain of sensations delights you. To touch his F-spot go down on him, hold his penis and give his crown all the pleasure. Circle and flick your tongue around his frenulum and then continue the blowjob.

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Try giving him these pleasures and see the whole new side of him!