If you have ever worn high heels, then you know it’s a feeling unmatched – kitten, stilettoes, or platforms, choose your pick. Walking down the streets in heels is feeling like a goddess, supermodel, the ultimate glamour icon that ever existed and ever will. Okay maybe I’m romanticising them too much (Am I?), but they’re the ‘it’ thing any day.

And here’s the deal, wearing heels is no cakewalk, more like a death march to be honest. While you’re posing for a selfie with a red pout, you might be screaming inside because of all the pain they have cast on your poor feet. But worry not, there exist some magical ways that can break your stilettoes curse and make your stroll in them much pleasurable. So here they are.

1. Master the Cat Walk

Do you wonder how those models don those million-inch heels with such ease? Well, they’ve learned the art of catwalk and you can too. The walk in heels is very much different the way you walk in your keds. The main idea is to put heels first on the ground and then your toes. And all this while, keep your posture straight and push your shoulders back. Walking the right way alone will evaporate half the fear of slipping. Just like that!

2. Warm up Your Heels

Big party tonight? It’s time to prep your heels. Pull out some really thick socks (maybe some cocooned woollen socks from winters) and wear them with your heels. Walk in them for a couple of hours. This would help shoes stretch and all the areas that might pinch won’t bother you much now. And what more? All that practicing at home walking will help you perfect your high heel game.

3. Is There a Thing Called Right Heels?

Yes. So much depends on our feet type though. If you have wide toes, chances are heels are going to be a tougher battle for you than the ones with narrow toes. Try to stick to lower inch heels (3 inches) or choose the more preventive way listed below if you just can’t give up love for high heels. For narrow toes, there is a bigger fear lurking in here – tripping over!

You can buy heels which come with a strap or you can choose platform heels which are always a way less uncomfortable option than pointy heels!

4. Cushion for Heels, Anyone?

Pain in feet balls is a common issue and therefore, there exist cushions for that. These stick-on cushions can be inserted anywhere in the shoes. But keep in mind the more you use them, the less will be the space for your feet in the shoes.

5. Extra Shield for Sensitive Parts of Feet

Nursing a bruise on feet? But you also have to wear heels? Then invest in moleskin. Easy to use, this adhesive material can be applied anywhere on foot to avoid contact with shoes. A perfect way to mask all the injuries, if you ask us.

Moreover, if you earlier bought a pair of fancy high heels but can’t wear them anymore, simply because you feel heels are just too high, you can always get the heel height removed up to 1 inch (this largely depends on the shoe’s type) from shoe repair shops.

Heels are trouble, but they’re totally worth it!