What were the things you thought you’d sacrifice in a regular job? Sweet naps here and there, less TV time, and no liberal dancing in rains? That was just par for the course. But did you know you’d also be swapping your perfect face structure with an ugly double chin in return? Believe it or not, 9-to-5’s are notorious for giving you that extra unwarranted layer of the face. But worry not, these selfie-destroyer double chins are easy to get rid of. Just try out these simple double chin reducing exercises and get that perfectly shaped, excessively envied angular face in no time.

I. Rolling Necks

This one is easy and is directed towards stretching and toning of neck muscles, throat, and jaw. And, there’s more to it. This is a godsend for all those who have a desk job and often report tension building in their shoulders. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Either stand or sit. Just make sure your spine is erect.
  2. Inhale slowly and turn your head gently to one side so that your chin starts touching your shoulder.
  3. Now slowly exhale and move your head back, but this time, rest it on your chest.
  4. Now again, inhale slowly and repeat this routine for the other shoulder and then back to chest. It’s ideal to do it 5-10 times a day.

II. Say “Ahh..” Not Cheese

Whether you’re in a park, at a nosy relative’s house, or at the 9-to-5 itself, you can do it anywhere, anytime. All you need to be is consistent with this exercise for it to work. This exercise is fiendishly helpful in tightening muscles of the chin, throat and neck. All you have to do is:

  1. Be relaxed and stand straight.
  2. Now, the fun part – wide open your mouth and lift up your chin.
  3. Now gently move up and down your lower jaw.
  4. Do this 10 times.

III. Tongue Out!

Sticking your tongue out can be offensive… to your chin’s fats. This cool exercise incredibly helps you tone and shape neck and chin muscles. Just do the following:

  1. Either sit straight or lay down.
  2. Now open your mouth gently and stick that red flesh out. Stretch out your tongue as much as you can.
  3. Stay in that position till you mentally count to 10. This exercise can be done any number of times during a day.

IV. Back to Vowels

This sweet exercise might remind you of your kindergarten classes. Here, you’re going to be pronouncing your vowels in a very demonstrative way. This one is aimed at muscles around your mouth and also the side of your lips. Just…

  1. Open wide your mouth and say ‘O’ and then ‘E’.
  2. Exaggerate these sounds while also making sure your teeth don’t touch or show.
  3. It’d be perfect if you do 3 sets of 15.

V. Chin up, Literally

How would you let go of that extra chunk below the chin in the most simple way? Just straight up lift your chin up, of course. This, one of the easiest double chin reducing exercises, is also the most practised!

  1. Close your mouth, lift your lower lip, and push out the lower jaw.
  2. Tension would build up in your jawline and under the chin.
  3. Stay in this position for about 15 seconds. Then relax.
  4. It’s ideal to complete 3 sets of 15.

Simple, aren’t they? Office, home or behind closed doors in washrooms, you can do most of these anywhere. So, wait no more. Get on it already! Thank us later.