It’s been a fairly debated subject whether ghosts exist or not. But we all have at some point or another must’ve felt that something was eerily fishy. Doors closing on their own, an unsettling sensation that someone is standing behind us, or just a creepy feeling that we’re being watched! Are we on the same page? All these signs are either of a seasoned stalker or an entity from other dimensions – nothing in between. And if you’ve not caught the attention of a psychotic person, it’s most likely the latter case. Also, it’s more likely to encounter a ghostly experience within the realm of 4 walls, rather than on streets. Apparently, like us, these supernatural elements too like the cosiness of a house, a home. It’s no news that old deserted buildings easily become the humble abode for ghosts. So, is your home one of those too? Find out below for these sure shot signs will tell you if you’ve some spooky otherworldly tenants living in your house, ahem haunted house!

  1. Sudden Temperature Drops

    Unless your room temperature controller is playing up, there is no sane or scientific reason for an abrupt drop of temperature. If you feel this unwarranted coldness around your home, chances are you live in a haunted house. We saw the glimpse of it in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense. However, it was a bit OTT there as temperatures never drop to freezing points actually! Apparently, the shifts occur because the creatures from the other side need the energy to stay around us. That is why they pull it from the air around us – the heat, causing the temperature to drop instantly!
    All these many ghosts in the world and we still can’t get rid of global warming.

  2. Frequent Technological Glitches

    Ghost and TV
    Whether they were tech-savvy in their lives or not, they surely get more comfortable with electronics in their afterlife. Do you often observe flickering lights, TV channels switching on their own, and turning off of TV for no particular reason? Also, does your phone ring but there is no one on the other end and all you hear is silence? If yes, then you do have some invisible guests in your home, not to mention unwarranted. Apparently, this happens when ghosts want to make contact or want to make their presence felt. Because who likes to stay invisible and unnoticed all the time, right? And they can’t utter words to scare the hell out of us. (Take a cue Bollywood, would you?) They need a channel to get the message across! And electricity is just the medium they need. Now that I think about it, ghosts must feel so unheard in villages which stay out of electricity for hours at stretch!

  3. Strange Noises

    Do you hear loud thumping noise at nights? Do your doors swing open by themselves, like they show in movies, or you see rearranged furniture at times? Well if this is the case, you have a serious problem at hand. However, pulling off these big power shows require a lot of energy. And ghosts generally don’t have it. Consider this, coming from portals of a different world is let alone not easy. So, the supernatural movement of physical objects is rare. But there is a special class of ghosts which can do them – ‘poltergeists’. These ones generally build enough energy and can easily interact with objects. They can even put a display of flames. No doubt, they are the most dramatic one. But they’re also very powerful, so you can’t take them lightly. Clearing crystals are often suggested for this intense haunting.

  4. Pets Acting Eerie

    Ghosts and Dogs
    Dogs are historically known to foresee natural calamities like tornadoes, tsunamis, and even detect a ghostly presence. Is your canine gravitating a particular spot in the house, is it responding to something invisible? If yes, then it’s highly likely you have paranormal entities in your home. Animals are able to detect sounds, sights, and smell which are beyond human capabilities. So, trust their instincts if they act funny towards ‘something’.

  5. Peculiar Smells

    Does your house smell funny, even when the garbage lady has taken out the trash? Many times, these smells would strike you familiar, such as that of cologne, perfume, or even of tobacco from a cigar. However, these scents can sometimes be downright unpleasant. Most haunted houses report a ghastly smell of sulfur as well.

Do you relate to any of these classic signs of a haunted house? Tell us in the comment section below.