An office is everything from a serious board room discussion to a place for juiciest gossips to thrive. who made this all possible? The employees, of course. And sure everyone contributes to the office experience in their own twisted, unique way but there are some regular personalities which you’ll find in just about every office. These office-omnipresent ones can be quirky, amusing, or downright annoying. So scroll down and see which category your buddies fall into and most importantly, who you are among these!

  1. The Gossipmongers

    Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. Every once in a while you’ll find them standing by the office watercooler, indulged in some serious discussion about the bossy boss, office fatsoes, Sunny Leone, or just people in general. And it’s only because of them, you have so many running jokes. Admit or not, you need them for your daily dose of entertainment and knowing everyone’s tea. They are your TMZ, E!, and personal Karan Johar. And you want these social butterflies close to you even more than you like to admit.

  2. The Diehard Workaholics

    Well, aren’t they pillars for any organisation? And also very annoying for employees of that organisation? This type is a go-getter and most commonly a type A personality. Mess with them, they won’t even bother, but mess with their work and they’re going to come after you like a mama bear comes when you bother her child. Psst, they’re also going to get that appraisal sooner than you! And of course, the boss loves them because they don’t mind even working on Sundays. So, beware of this type. Behind those nerdy glasses, someone is trying to make big forts.

  3. The Ice Cubes

    With these types, it’s like school happening all over again with Professor Grumpy’s class. These people are just ready to rain on anyone’s parade, make puppies cry, and being total deadpan at your jokes, or any other abysmal thing they can think of. These are also the one gossipmongers talk (bitch) a lot about and run memes on their private group.

  4. The lazy Daisies

    Finally, the ones that are cool, chilled, and relaxed. Probably too relaxed. These are dragging themselves to work only for that paycheck towards the end of the month and of course to socialise with gossipmongers. They just want to sail through life doing the bare minimum. Say anything to them and they’ll be cool, just not working on a Saturday! They will lose it.

  5. The Office-side Romeos

    Flirts at Office
    Seems like someone is yet to get a memo about office policies! These flirts are always on to get the details about the new chicks from the gossip brigade. Their roving eyes are better at sporting the single gals than at making the monthly reports. And, they never fail to give a friendly wink to the ladies and eye-rolls at the workaholics. Believe it or not, these are kind of in a competition with the hard-working nerds in the office. In the end, it’s the flirt’s charm versus the workaholic’s success. And, we know who wins this war!

    So, who are you among these office personalities. Tell us freely, we don’t judge 😉