So you have a TV, a bed and all the living-room-essentials that go in the living room? And you think your job is done? Nuh-uh. Your house needs a soul, a better personality, you know something you can show off to your friends or humble-brag on Instagram. It needs to look nice, don’t you think? So here are a few things you can start off towards making a home that is all pretty-pretty.

1. Throw Pillows

Functional and comfortable, throw pillows come in all colors and shapes. Cute or necessity, whatever you might think of them, you gotta have these in your living rooms and bedrooms.

2. Lampshade

Nothing says classy more than a lampshade. Creating an awesome ambiance of light that is neither too bright nor too dim, it instantly brings together your room in one tone and rhythm.

3. Mirrors

You gotta play with your mirrors. Don’t think of them just as bathroom accessories or something that would look nice on a dressing table. Room décor is all about experimenting now and what all ingenious things you can think of. Take this arrangement for example and inspiration.

4. Rugs

Your floors need some dressing up too! Plush or Persian? You have a complete say in this. But keep in mind the color scheme of your room and make sure it goes right with the other accessories you already have in your room.

5. Wall Art

Let your inner-self speak through your art pieces adorned on your wall. You’ve got plenty of options here. Gonzo, nerdy, classy, or straight-up posh, you tell them what you’re so proud of about yourself.