There is no woman on the planet that went down in history as gorgeous as a Greek woman. And it’s not like they were some pretty girls big on makeup. Heck, there were no even big brands available at that time, no shopping websites that will lure us into buying lipsticks in a click. They were these natural beauties who made sure that they stayed away from makeup. Artificial beauty products were not even conducive in their marine weather!

Greek mythology put them on the highest pedestal when it comes to beauty. Cleopatra, Helen of Sparta are just a few of the names you might’ve hard. And even today, if someone just turns out to be extraordinarily beautiful, they earn the title of ‘Greek Goddess or Greek God’. Cheeky! Nonetheless, I would like to be called Greek Goddess for sure. Won’t you? But how? Now, you just can’t magically get their gene pool, but you can surely see some beauty regime they followed. Because what is beauty? 40% genetics and the rest is maintenance care. And turns out Greek women were very particular (and fussy) about their beauty regime. There were some practices they followed to the heart. And I don’t think they would mind if we take some pointers from them. And we’re not really copying their style (because what’s the pride in being unoriginal and BTW all copycats go to hell, and rip-offs are always cheap), we’re just taking some cliff notes (or asking for a friend, at worst ;). So here’s what they did…

1. They Indulged in Milk Baths

Woah! The method itself has an air of posh. This was mainly done by rich Greek women of the time for special occasions, you know when Olympics is on or a kitty party is there (I’m sure they had a different name for it then!). This treatment, as you might have guessed, is pretty expensive and one hardly does it these days. But you can still take a bowl of milk and wash your face, necks, and arms at least. That would help! Milk has a wondrous property of making our incredibly super soft and supple.

2. They Loved Hot Baths

They were big on baths, aren’t they? Greeks had specially built heated baths in their bathhouses at the time. They believed that warm water helps in opening the skin pores and thus will help in toxic removal from the skin. And you see, they reached all these conclusions on their own! They didn’t have Wikipedia, remember? You must give it to their intuition.

3. They Used Sea Salt

Greeks have an abundance of sea salts, them being situated near the sea and all! They somehow knew salt is filled with natural minerals and therefore used it to exfoliate the skin.

4. They Trusted Their Honey

Greeks loved them some honey! They made body scrubs and face masks of honey and believed that it would help in rejuvenating the skin. And they weren’t so off the track. We now know honey cleans off dead skin cells and has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. They Applied Olive Oil

Greek women knew the importance of moisturizing their skin and for that, they used olive oil. This oil is a godsend for chapped and dry skin. And what’s more? Olive oil also makes sure that the skin cells’ renewal process in sped up.

What about Their Diet?

You’re what you eat! Of all diets, Greek used the Mediterranean Diet which is one of the best for getting great skin. The diet has ample amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which are a recipe for glowing skin. And that’s not the whole story, these acids also keep you in shape. And that’s another thing Greek women were known for – being slender!

They also made sure fruits like figs, pears, and apples were part of their daily diet. These are naturally good at keeping you healthy and fit.

And while we’re at fitness, Greeks were one of the history’s biggest fitness freaks. They made sure they walked a couple of miles after their dinner. Hmm, walking in those gladiators! Must be cool.

So what do you think about these ancient beauty secrets? Let us know in the comment section below.

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