It’s not always what it seems like. And, the food is no exception. While we are in a mad race to consume more and more healthy foods, we might find that we’re running after wrong choices altogether. There are some cliché foods that are by popular (and uninformed) opinion deemed healthy but in reality, are the other way around. Keep reading and let us know by the end if you were surprised by any of these unhealthy foods.

  1. Flavoured Yoghurts

    Flavoured Yoghurt
    Yoghurt is healthy, no doubt. But its flavoured version? Eh, Not so much. When you are opting for flavoured yoghurt, you’re also opting for unhealthy additives, artificial sweeteners and excess sugar. Not the stuff you intended to take in, did you? You can very well do away with unhealthy foods like these. You’d be getting much more nutrition, if only you just add fresh fruits to your yoghurt cup! And it’ll be delicious too.

  2. Energy Bars

    Now, what could possibly be wrong with energy bars? Well calories, for starters. Your energy bar is more like a calorie bar. And, in reality, it’s no better than a regular candy. You might as well have a bar of Snicker too in its place. The ‘energy’ in the name tricks us into thinking this is good stuff. But if you really want one, next time look for one which has fewer calories.

  3. Flavoured / Glazed Nuts

    Now, nuts have all the goodness in the world. A great side-breakfast, or anytime snack, they do contain a lot of nutrients. But when you buy their spicy, glazed, or cheesy version, you are compromising on their net nutritional value. All that extra sugar and salt is doing more harm than good. You’re better off with their flavour-stripped version.

  4. Packaged Fruit Juices

    Packaged Fruit Juices
    With the exception of a few, most fruit juices are harmful to your health. True that these juices are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants but you’re also letting in lots of liquid sugar. Some of these juices contain as much as sugar as your daily carbonated drink. Like many things in life, fruits are best as raw.

  5. Gluten-Free Junk Foods

    Gluten Free Junk Food
    Gluten-free foods are a hot topic these days. And, when you hear the phrase ‘gluten-free junk food’, you think you’ve finally got the excuse to freely dig in junk foods! But there’s a problem with the gluten-free replacements. These substitutes are high in unhealthy oils, sugar, and refined grains like tapioca starch & corn starch. Besides fiendishly low in nutrient count, they can also cause serious side effects, like blood sugar spike!

So, these were some foods which we never ever thought to be harmful, let alone be less nutritious. Surprise, surprise!