We all need to keep our brains sharp. Some of us are just born smart, while others have to work for it. And as the brain ages, even the smart ones have to do something to keep up. And the best way to keep your smarty pants on is to eat special foods that are just carved out to make you stay ahead. Who doesn’t want to be the smartest person in the room anyway? So, here are 5 foods that make your brain sharper…


There is research that indicates towards the fact that blueberries may help in delaying short-term memory loss and even improving it. So suppose you are taking this very interesting Buzzfeed quiz one fine day. But guess what, being halfway through it you just forgot what it was really about! (Not speaking from experience! 🙂 ). Then you should know, you need this beautiful blue fruit in your life. The main compound that is in work here is anthocyanins. This is also found in purple and dark red fruits, like blackberries. So you can find help in them too. (1)

Pumpkin Seeds

Need sharper memory and better thinking skills? Think no more because these pleasant-green looking seeds have got your back. Their high zinc content makes them effective brain-boosting food. Moreover, they may also help in boosting your mood. 🙁 –> 🙂


Sage is known to improve concentration and memory. While there are many accounts that focus on sage as an essential oil, you can also take them fresh in your diet. (2)


Spicy Broccoli

This green superfood is a powerhouse of vitamin K which is considered to enhance brainpower and improve cognitive function. Research also shows that it contains glucosinolates which keep our memories sharp and ensures the proper working of our central nervous system. (3)

Oily Fish

Oily fish contains omega-3 fats in the form of DHA and EPA. It promotes the healthy function of the brain and also improves memory & learning. (4) The main sources include trout, salmon, herring, and pilchards. Vegans can go for soya beans, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia as a substitute.

In addition, nuts, eggs, wholegrains, dark chocolate, and avocados may also help in improving your brain powers!

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