If you are not living under the rock, then you must have heard the word on the streets about the super-nutritious broccoli. The superfood is burning hot trend nowadays! From essential vitamins to important minerals, broccoli is your go-to vegetable. However, you might not easily get a cooking inspiration while seeing the big jungle-green florets of broccoli. That’s why we’ve curated a list of extremely easy-to-make broccoli recipes. Spicy, cheesy, or just plain sweet, you can find every flavour down below.

I. Broccoli Bake: Bake it till you make it! Here, you’ll be treating yourself with creamy cheese dripping off the veggie!

Baked Broccoli

500 g broccoli florets
3 Tbsp plain flour
300 ml milk
A pinch of nutmeg
2-3 finely chopped garlic’s cloves
Black pepper
1 finely chopped green chilli
2 slices of stale white bread
1 Tbsp olive oil


  1. Preheat your oven to 200 °C.
  2. Take the florets and boil them in salted water for about 10 minutes to make them tender.
  3. Boil milk in a pan. Then keep it on simmer. Now, add three-quarters of cheese and floor.
  4. To the cheese sauce, add nutmeg and garlic.
  5. Take the casserole dish and place broccoli in it. On the top, add cheese sauce and small-sized bread crumbs. Sprinkle chilli, black pepper, and salt. Also, add some olive oil on top of the mixture to help make the bread crispy.
  6. Now in the oven, bake for 25-35 minutes until you see golden brown colour.
  7. Serve hot.

II. Spicy Broccoli: Deliciousness has never been this simple to achieve! With a sprinkle of pepper, tamarind, and a few other masalas, the spicy broccoli is ready for you to dig in.

Spicy BroccoliIngredients:
250 gm small-cut broccoli
2 tsp mustard seeds
2 Tbsp oil
3-4 whole red pepper
1/8 tsp asafetida powder
1 tsp cumin
50 gm ginger-shredded fine
2 tsp garlic-chopped fine
4-5 curry leaves
2 tsp salt
20 g soaked and strained tamarind


  1. Heat oil. Now add cumin, asafetida, red pepper, curry leaves, and mustard.
  2. When you hear spluttering of seeds, add garlic and ginger. Keep sautéing until a light brown colour appears.
  3. Now add broccoli and bring the mixture on high heat. Keep sautéing. After a few minutes, lower the heat and cook until it becomes bite-like.
  4. Add salt and tamarind. Let it boil.
  5. Serve hot.

III. Cream of Broccoli Soup: Soups are always a great option. But when broccoli is used, the goodness just multiplies. Do try this before your lunch meal.

Broccoli Soup
2 large broccoli florets, with stalk
1 medium carrot
4 celery sticks
1 sweet red bell pepper
For French dressing:
2 Tbsp white wine vinegar
Freshly-ground black pepper to taste
1/4 Tbsp salt
1/4 Tbsp mild mustard
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 Tbsp sugar


  1. Take a heavy pan and heat oil or butter.
  2. When the oil starts steaming or the butter gets melted, add half of the total broccoli.
  3. Turn the broccoli around a couple of times. Now, turn down the heat and keep sautéing for like 30 seconds.
  4. Now add flour and keep turning around until you see oil/butter leaving the pan’s sides.
  5. Remove the pan from heat. Gradually, add the stock. In order to avoid lumps, stir continuously.
  6. Let it cool. Then blend the whole of it into a blender.
  7. Now put the pan back on the heat. Add celery salt, black pepper, milk, and broccoli in the mixture.
  8. Continuously stir and keep it over high heat until it comes to boil. Keep simmering over low heat for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  9. Serve hot with cream.

IV. Broccoli Pasta: This 15-minute meal is here to impress you with oodles of chilli and cheese. The broccoli pasta is your perfect evening-time snack.

Broccoli PastaIngredients:
1 cup boiled pasta
1/2 tsp chopped red chillies
1/4 cup broccoli
1/2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper, to taste
2 tsp chopped garlic


  1. Take a pan and heat oil. Sauté the garlic in it.
  2. Now add pepper, salt, and red chillies.
  3. Add broccoli and heat it for about 2 minutes.
  4. Now add boiled pasta and then parmesan cheese.
  5. Cook again for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

V. Pepper and Broccoli Salad: Spring onions, colourful peppers and of course broccoli, make for a perfect salad for those special brunches on Sundays.

Pepper and Broccoli Salad
1 sweet red bell pepper
1 medium carrot
2 large broccoli florets with stalk
French Dressing:
2 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1/4 Tbsp salt
1/4 Tbsp sugar
Black pepper to taste
1/4 Tbsp mild mustard
2 Tbsp lemon juice


  1. Take the pepper and remove all the seeds. Now cut them into squares of 1 cm size. Finely grate the carrot.
  2. Cut across the stems of the broccoli. You should get thinly-sliced stalks and chopped tops. After peeling the outer layers, finely chop the celery.
  3. Mix everything well. Now add French Dressing and mix well again.
  4. Put the mixture into the fridge for half an hour. Then serve it on the layer of finely-shredded lettuce.
    For French dressing:
  5. Take a screw-top jar and put all the ingredients into it. Give it a good shake.
  6. Put it in the fridge and shake once again before serving.

The weekend is here! Try all you can and get back to us with results.