Are you another millennial who just loves to hate milk? Understandable! It’s easy to overlook the white drink when there are much tastier (and less healthy) foods out there. So, we thought why not come up with some ways to make milk interesting too. So here we are, ready to make you fall hard in love with milk. On this ‘milky way’, we’ll be your coach and anchor, telling you how milk can be made more delicious.

Let’s make milk great again!

1. Relish Flavoured Milks

A flavor syrup can turn your milk into a new drink altogether. Whether it’s the butterscotch flavour that makes you drool, the vanilla extract that keeps things nice and sweet, or the cliché chocolate that keeps you going, add the one of your choice and sip luxuriously on your self-created drink. Natural flavours like honey, turmeric, mint, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom milk can work wonders too, they are your thing.

2. Reach for Flavoured Straws

If you think adding a flavour to the milk is too much, then bring in subtle tastes through flavoured straws! These awesome straws have small flavoured beads which dissolve as soon as the milk flows through them. Yummy drink with whisps of flavor! We can think of only one word – delicious.



3. Stir up a Shake

Milk is super nutritious already. But what really sets the ball rolling is when you whip up a milkshake. You can further enhance the nutritional value of this protein drink by adding fruit syrups! Health and taste never come this close, trust me.

4. Make Your Mocha More ‘Milky’

Let’s be real, we are more likely to grab a cup of coffee, or even tea, than a mug of milk. So, let’s make the most out of our ‘chai’ addiction and add extra milk everytime we feel the need for a hot mocha. An extra dash of milk would give you the satisfaction of taste and nutrition both. Win!

Do you have creative ways of your own to make milk delicious? Do share your cool hacks with us.