So, are you ready to take the big-big step? All set to move into the technicolour world where strangers give you a second look and your hair are of different colour for the first time? Well, you’ve got a lot of interesting things coming. But hey, you need to be a lil’ prepared for your new looks because honestly, colouring hair is no child’s play. If this is your first time going under the colour brush, you need to know the following things for sure:

  1. Hair Masks before the D Day

    Hair health starts at home. Let’s be real, colouring is a harsh process. It’s even advised against if your hair is not exactly shiny and soft model-type that can be cast in Parachute’s ad! Your hair needs to be really silky and well moisturised to go under the gruelling process that colouring is. Even people with thoroughly nurtured hair have to go through some prep before colouring.

    Experts recommend you apply hair masks throughout from root to tops of your hair before hitting the salon for the procedure. Also, it is advised that you leave it for a longer time than it is usually directed. It’s like your hair needs to suck till the very last drop of moisture before the colour gets to them! #ColouringIsHard

  2. Bring Pictures for Picture Perfect Colour

    There are several colours and there are a million shades of each. And there’s a high chance you get a different colour on your head than you had in mind. Now you don’t want that at all. So, you better do some homework and be on the same page (and same line) with your colourist. The best way to do is to bring pictures of the colour you want. That way you’ll not get Auburn blonde when you just really wanted strawberry blonde!

  3. Change Your Shampoo…It’s Time

    Coloured Hair Shampoo
    It’s the step after you have your hair done. You can no longer fall back to your regular old schmoe hair wash regime. It is time to upgrade your shampoo (and conditioner) game. Only use ones which are exclusively for colour-treated hair. These will help the colour stay on longer. Dream of every person with treated hair!

  4. You Have to Wait 4 Days before You Wash Your Hair after Colouring. Yeah, but Really?

    Not at all. It’s a common myth about coloured hair. You might as well wash your hair the very next day of colouring. According to dermatologists, the molecules of colours have already settled on your hair and washing your hair after a few hours won’t be weighing much as a fade-factor. The hair colour will faint, of course, in due course of time and the early washing has little to do with it.

  5. All That Ado about Red Hair

    Red Hair
    If you don’t really appreciate the blonde colour like me, you’re most likely to gravitate towards the shades of red. Hairstylists consider this as a somewhat difficult colour though. It fades the fastest, it is hardest to achieve (the right shade that is), hardest to preserve, and even hardest to remove (in case you didn’t like it on you…uh oh). The colour of romance is a bit tricky when it gets to your hair!

  6. The Real Enemy is up in the Sky

    Now that you’ve your hair coloured, you need to be extra caring towards them, as caring as you’re about your face. Sun has a very nasty damaging effect on the treated hair. You better buy some sun protectant sprays, head scarves or hats. Try that look!

  7. Don’t Sleep on Touch-ups

    No matter how much you take care of your hair, apply the best shampoo, stay away from the sun or start living in a cave, the fading of colour is something inevitable! So if you’re happy with your colour (which we hope you would be), you need to get your hair done after every 6 or 8 weeks. Each month, hair grows by half an inch on average, so it’s the roots you have to take care of. However, if touch-ups look like a lot of work to you, try getting the colour shade that is very close to your natural colour. Or you could just tell taunting people that you’re going ombre! Problem solved.

  8. Bye Bye Pool Parties

    No Pools
    It’s true, pools are not the best friend of coloured hair. Pool water often has chlorine in it which can really alter the chemistry of your hair colour. Moreover, copper is also sometimes present and when this metal combines with chlorine, it can turn your hair green, a result of the oxidisation of hair. But that’s perfectly fine if your actual hair colour choice is green (which it is not, or is it?!).

    BTW you don’t have to bid goodbye to your pool-time fun completely. There come some hair masks made especially for coloured hair. So before you jump into the pool, wear it and you’ll be fine for the most part. Moreover, wet your hair before testing pool waters, as wet hair is far less absorbent of the pool chemicals than the dry one.

  9. You Might Not Get the Colour Right in the First Go

    I mean it’s not really feasible to get bubblegum pink colour on your rich black hair in the first try. Moreover, most hair specialists won’t even recommend it. Going to the extreme spectrums of colours have a severely damaging effect on hair. Colourists, therefore, carry out the process in a number of stages, taking over a timeline of a few weeks.

  10. Your Colourist Can Save You Even If Your Colour is a Total Disaster

    Wrong Hair Colour
    Lastly, if you are totally disappointed with your new coloured hair, you don’t need to lose heart. For the most part, your colourist can fix it for you. Although, they will not do it right after your colour treatment. They might ask you to sit it out for a few weeks to avoid over-processing of the hair. However, even after that re-treatment, you mightn’t have the exact look you were hoping for, but it would be something you can live by and make peace with.

And don’t worry, not all hair colour stories turn out to be cautionary tales. You might just get the perfect look you wanted and become the Barbie/Ken you conjured up in your daydream! So go for it if you really want a different colour for your hair. #YOLO

Source: Cosmopolitan US