A little flashback question – Who do you want to become when you grow up? I’m sure you didn’t say a professional sleeper or a food taster. How could you? You didn’t even know back then that these jobs existed! So, do they really? Yep. We have on this lil’ blue planet every job, whether it’s a stellar astronaut or a laborious farmer’s role. And everything in between. Yes, the sleeper and taster’s job too. But the eccentricity doesn’t stop here and it shouldn’t either. There are tons of jobs in the world you won’t even believe exist. Read on to get amazed.

  1. Water Slide Tester

    Water Slide
    How cool it would be to go spiral around in water slides all day? Take selfies, splash water, or just playfully paddle around, you can have all kinds of watery fun in there while bucks flow in your bank account. In return, you have to make sure that these rides are safe. You might also be asked for your opinion on ‘adrenaline factor’ and ‘biggest splash’. Moreover, you get to travel around the world, from Egypt to the US, to test these water rides.

    And they say life is hard. Amateurs.

  2. Wedding Guests

    If you have seen Shuddh Desi Romance, this job title might not surprise you at all. So, in case you are a runaway bride and still want to have that perfect wedding people make elaborate Pinterest boards about, you need to hire these wedding guests. They would give you the complete genuine feeling of real relatives while dancing their hearts out to the latest songs, getting crazily drunk, and, of course, eating for two. (Aren’t all our relatives like these? Just me? okay). But yeah, don’t forget to pay them. Serious stuff.

  3. Pet Food Taster

    Pet Food
    Now, it is not right at all that your little yellow lab puppy has to eat bland stuff. This cuteness deserves great food through and through. And there are jobs in the world that ensures that your pet has a delicious feast every time it gets hungry. For a pet food taster, it is a prime responsibility to chew weird stuff and mark it ‘ok’ or ‘not ok’, depending on the taste. Strange, but hey, it pays!

  4. Ice Cream Taster

    Love ice creams? Of course, you do. So how about making a career path out of it? Well, FYI Ben & Jerry’s is hiring! Your job is simply to taste (and gorge on) different flavours of ice creams. Also, if you have a knack for a bit of cooking and want to experiment out different flavours, you might just become their favourite employee. From potato chips to fruity jellies, you are free to mix and match any and all stuff at your disposal. And appraisal is not far if you manage to come up with a tangy flavour that can become hit with the masses. Excited? We know, we are.

  5. Panda Nanny

    Love animals? I bet you have wished for a world where you can play with furry cuties all day long without any bounds. Well, your utopian dream can come true. China is calling, as apparently the king of cuteness – panda bear – needs your warm love and support. The China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an require people who can entertain and take care of these lil’ furballs. Talking about qualification, all you need to be is 22 years or above, have some basic ideas about these Asian bears, and, of course, a heart full of love for Pandas. You ask perks? Well, you’ll have free meals throughout your term, an SUV, accommodation – all that on the top of your basic pay. Would that be enough?
    Read more about this on here.

  6. Novel Reader

    Are you always one step ahead in your book club meetings? Do you have a big stash of books which you boast about at each and every chance you get? And are you the kind of person who would ditch Friyay plans just to complete your thriller fiction? If there’s even a single yes, then you might consider becoming a professional novel reader. After all, it’s time you get paid for losing yourself in the fictional realms of the literary world. Many big publication houses are always on a lookout to get reviews for their numerous books from both upcoming and established writers. And if you have an eye for detail and a good understanding of the language, they might just hire you. You won’t only get to uninhibitedly play your inner grammar nazi but also enjoy a lot of new novels for free. Just one word – amazeballs. For starters, check out US Review.

  7. Professional Sleeper

    This one has already peaked your interests, hasn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to sleep & daydream (literally) every day and then get a paycheck for that? Well, here’s your chance to live that super easy-peasy life. Some big luxury bed companies want to give their customers the best experience during shuteye. So they hire people who can sleep in their beds for days at a stretch and give them feedback in return. You’ll be asked to sleep in different conditions, different lightings, temperature, etc. Some days, you might also have to go to bed with small amounts of caffeine or even alcohol (You catch that? Free booze!). This job has really broken the matrix now, hasn’t it? Read more about this hella breezy job here.

  8. Video Game Tester

    Video Game Tester
    To all the mommies worried about their kids glued to video games – your geeky child does have future. Apparently, you can be paid for playing video games all day long! You have to play their games, try every other possible path and report bugs. That’s all!

  9. Fortune Cookie Writer

    Fortune Cookies
    Of course, this is a real job. Who do you think writes this cool stuff of fortune cookies? These fortunes don’t write themselves. And, there’s a cute history about how this profile got into existence. Vice president of Wonton Food, New York, Donald Lau, was the first such person who put his wisdom in short quirky sentences in fortune cookies. He was given the task when the company decided to increase its footprint and fortune! The responsibility fell on Lau as he had the best English writing skills among all the employees! And that’s how this job was born. Lau initially kept a notebook with him to jot down ideas whenever he comes up with them. But later he started to run out of them. However, the seeds for this amazing career were already planted. Soon a former freelance journalist Ray Richmond started his own venture along the similar lines – Super Accurate Fortune Cookies. His spin on the fortunes was to make them more funny and witty. He proudly called his fortune cookies “The original tweets”. So, if being funny is your thing and your friends come to you for captioning their latest Instagram pic, this job might just be for you!

  10. Rental Boyfriend

    Can’t find anyone worthy IRL? Has Bumble turned out to be a complete disappointment? Are all your friends getting married? Well, it’s time to move to Tokyo to find love. Apparently, the country has a rental boyfriend service which helps you to buy a boyfriend of your choice! And if you are a guy who ladies will like, there is some dirty money lying in wait for you in Jap’s capital. We’re not so sure if a rental girlfriend service is available though. Don’t keep your hopes too high.

Weird, unruly, or simply mind-blowing, these jobs are definitely worth a second thought, even if you’d imagine them doing in some alter-life or a parallel universe only. BTW our personal favourite is Panda nanny hands down. What’s yours?!